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3.3yr old pooing on floor

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NannyBeth Wed 02-Sep-09 18:42:52


I am currently nannying for a family with a 3.3 yr old (as well as a just 5yr and a 13mth old). He has been potty trained since just after his birthday at the beginning of June. He is now completely sorted with wee's, will happily wee sitting on the potty or standing at the toilet and takes himself when he needs to go. But poo's have taken a turn for the worse... About a month ago, he started squatting and pooing on the floor. This causes problems when its in a room he is playing in, as he accidently stands in it and it then ends up spread all over the room/carpet/etc. His parents are sick of it, and I am dreading the day he does it when they are at work!!! Also, he is starting preschool next week 3 mornings and 2 afternoons, so we need to sort it out asap! Having spoken to the parents, we all agree that he is aware that he needs to poo and is going.

Mum thinks it is the position - he prefers to squat as opposed to sitting on the potty or toilet, and I am inclined to agree with her. The problem is how we address this and get him to poo on the potty or toilet!!!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

NannyBeth Sun 06-Sep-09 23:39:46

so just us then? fab!

ches Tue 08-Sep-09 17:36:06

What do you do when he poos? And why oh why is he not scooped up when he starts pooing and placed on a potty? Why is he left to it and then poo left lying around for him to stand in? He is old enough to understand that poo goes in the toilet and it's antisocial behaviour to poo on the floor.

NannyBeth Wed 09-Sep-09 19:59:26

When he poos, he is told it is not the right thing (poo goes in the potty or toilet, not on the floor, etc.), cleaned up and sent off to play in another room while the poo itself is cleaned up. If his Dad finds it, he gets really quite mad and sometimes yells.

He isn't scooped up and put on the potty because he goes off and hides before doing it!! Ie - I/Mum/Dad will be downstairs with his sister/brother/both and he will go upstairs to the playroom or his bedroom to play (this is fine, often happens, this is where his trains and cars are kept) and when one of us goes up to check on him, we find it all!

Hasn't been a problem in the past 2 weeks, I'm hoping that it was just a phase and he is now over it!! He now sits on the toilet at bath/bed time and tries to go, sometimes does, sometimes doesn't.

ches Thu 10-Sep-09 05:54:12

If he's going away to hide then he needs privacy. Either put the potty in his favourite hiding place or pop him on the toilet with a book and leave him to it!

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