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Kindergarten at Private School and nappy vs pants. Aaargh!

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KathrynWales Tue 01-Sep-09 10:21:16

Hi everyone,
My little boy is 3.2 and starting school next week. Because it's a private school, it won't be nursery as such, but he will go 8.30-3pm in uniform and will actually do lessons in the mornings, and play in the afternoons. There will be one teacher for about 10 pupils.

The problem is, we have been persevering with the potty (& now the loo-seat) for a few months now, and he is still hit & miss. Generally will holler when he needs the loo if he is bare bottomed, but put him in any sort of pants, trousers etc & it's licence to wee no matter how many times he says he will tell me when he needs to go. He also refuses to go without me there and can't pull up his trousers or wipe himself without help.

Incentives and discussions don't work...he knows where he should go, but is very strong willed and never does anything he doesn't want to do... and I can't imagine the distractions of school helping. He will simply forget.

Because the school sees itself as a "school" and not a nursery, I don't think they will be happy to deal constantly with wet uniform trousers or wiping bottoms. Do I put him in pants & hope for the best, or put him in pull ups & hope they last all day without getting waterlogged?! blush

Anyone have any ideas? Miracles? Voodoo spells?


KembleTwins Tue 01-Sep-09 10:32:05

If the school lets DCs in at the age your DS is, then they should expect to deal with wee, IMO. A great many kids are still iffy with the loo at that age, and whilst they may not consider themselves "nursery", they are still "officially" pre-school. I wouldn't worry. Explain to your DS's teacher that he still sometimes has problems with the toilet, and that he is very likely to forget/not realise until it's too late, as he will be very busy doing new and exciting things. Give him a bag with spare pants and trousers and make sure the teacher knows this.

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