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oh FGS, 2.10yo DS pee's every 10/15 mins.

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Meglet Sat 29-Aug-09 10:31:14

DS is fab at going to the potty and toilet when he wants to, even washes his hands and can get dressed again. At nursery he asks to go to the potty sometimes.

But when I try to do full on potty training (2 days so far) and put him in pants he just pee's constantly, I'm not sure he knows how to empty his bladder yet. I ask him if he needs to wee every 5 mins and half the time he goes to the potty the other half he just pee's in his pants. We are either going to the potty or changing pants every 10/15 mins. I know potty training is meant to be hard but this is ridiculous. Its just a constant cycle of pee-ing, changing, emptying potty, washing hands, clearing up wee on the floor etc with a couple of minutes in between. Not to mention stopping dd crawling in the wee <<bangs head on table>>.

I got the impression from friends and books that they should be able to go a little longer than 15 mins between wee-ing. Never mind having a few days at home, I'm just stuck in the living room and back and down upstairs, I can't even prepare lunch as it's so constant.

We've just started star charts but even they don't seem to work.

Shall I try for another day or so and just try again in a couple of weeks if it doesn't work. I'm stumped.

KnickKnack Sat 29-Aug-09 10:45:55

I did that for 2 days then called it quits. Can't remember what age, but he was possibly the same as yours). I really believe this means they are not quite ready.

I then waited about 3 months (possibly even longer) and didn't have to train him at all...we stopped using nappies one day, and not 1 single accident.
I think he was a)older and just "got it" and b)his body was able to do what it needed

DevilsAdvocaat Sat 29-Aug-09 10:48:55

ds was like this for the first few days and after 2 weeks was fine. it got progressively better. 2 days is a short time!

Meglet Sat 29-Aug-09 11:13:10

Thank you. We'll hang on for a while longer or until my nervous breakdown happens grin. Even feel and learn pants don't bother him when he pee's in them. Luckily he doesn't have to be trained for nursery or pre-school but I was hoping we'd manage it before the summer was over.

horseymum Thu 03-Sep-09 20:25:45

maybe something to try is just quietly asking if he is dry rather than if he needs to wee as he might feel he has to perform to please you and it is actually making the time he can hold on a bit longer that you want,rather than him peeing iyswim?

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