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Bit of reassurance and advice needed please

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jamandjerusalem Wed 26-Aug-09 14:04:32

DS is 2.1 and has been really interested in the potty for a while back, at least a couple of months. I had thought we'd potty train over the summer seeing as it would be easier with less clothes (ha ha hmm) and while we were on holiday in June he did lots of wees and poos on the potty, and has done since in the evenings mainly.

When I realised it's been a couple of months I thought maybe we ought to get on with it, seeing as he's clearly ready and happy to do it, and actually it's just us being lazy.

On Sunday I got him up from his nap around 3 and put him in pants. He was fine all afternoon, no accidents, told me several times when he wanted the potty.

Monday he goes to nursery so I put him in nappies, told them he was into using the potty, and he did muster one wee there.

Yesterday he was great all morning, did a couple of wees in the potty when I suggested he might want to go, although he did have one wee accident around 12 (I think he was getting tired). Back in nappies for nap, then pants for the afternoon.

Foolishly (on so many counts) I agreed to go to Ikea with my mum in the afternoon. DS was ok but while we were there kept refusing the potty every time I offered. Standing in queue for the restaurant around 5pm DS went quiet and was looking down at his feet - small puddle emerged. So we went to the loo, got him changed, did a bit more. Back to restaurant, eating tea, asked for the potty twice, first time did a wee, second time nothing. Fine all the way home. Watched a bit of tv before bed, poo in pants I think that's what he'd needed to do at Ikea but it took him a while to 'produce' and maybe he felt a bit intimidated/scared? Dunno.

Anyway, mum's looking after him today and I haven't had a report of how things are going - sent him off with many changes of clothing, pants etc.

So I just want some reassurance that it will 'click' into place and this is just what happens in the early days? He doesn't seem to want any more bribery than a bit of praise and a round of applause, but I would consider getting out the chocolate buttons if it might smooth the process!

Sorry, long...

jamandjerusalem Wed 26-Aug-09 14:04:57

Oh, and anyone know who sells the potette liners cheap?

jamandjerusalem Fri 28-Aug-09 11:58:33


DS had a totally dry day yesterday (day 3) but today has had four accidents already. He is knackered though after waking at 5.30am. As am I...

ShowOfHands Fri 28-Aug-09 12:03:06

DD was like this for a couple of weeks, hit and miss. Being tired or busy or in a new place threw her completely. I went back to nappies for a couple of weeks and tried again. That time she did it fine, no accidents, clean and dry day and night immediately. I was amazed.

I think if you persevere he will be fine. I had a busy couple of weeks with some long trips planned so decided to postpone it but if you're mainly at home I'd stick with it. Sounds like he's doing well, just keep reminding and offering the potty. Wouldn't bother with chocolate buttons.

ches Sat 29-Aug-09 01:58:36

DS only likes to poo at home. Can't say I blame him!

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