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DD startting pre-school soon. Still wants to take off shoes, socks, underwear and trousers/skirt when going.

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suiledonn Wed 26-Aug-09 10:01:12

I am trying to teach her how to go without doing this but she won't even try it. She is worried everything will get wet.

I bring her to the bathroom with me to show her how to do it but to no avail.

I'm worried she won't cope in pre-school. She can get her things back on but with me talking her through it or she just loses interest. She is also prone to holding on til the last minute so it is a panic to get eeverything off in time.

I'll say it to the teachers on the first day and see what they advise but I think I might have to delay sending her.

What do you think? Any tips to encourage her?


pramsgalore4 Wed 26-Aug-09 18:34:10

Hi, don't worry, just send her, all preschools will be used to dealing with this. My son strips and runs round the house to me with his pants and trousers in his hand after going, i am sure this will stop when he goes back to nursery ( school does not have a preschool but he will be starting school sept 2010), he will see the other children using the potty/toliet, and if he does they will just have to put them back on for him, they will also help her if you tell them. My daughter is about to start school and one of the questions i had to answer is does she still need help going to the toliet, she won't be the only one. Just send her with extra clothes in her bag, i bet they will just say ok when you tell them. I used to have to take my dd to the toliet as she could not do it her self for the same reason and she learnt at nursery had many a bag handed to me full of wet clothes, they get there in the end, i did find that pull up trousers were easier but not with boots on

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