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2.11 DS taking massive backward steps, advise please

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theshelf Tue 25-Aug-09 18:28:19

DS started potty training 5 months ago and after initial difficulties took to it very well. Problems occured at nursery and over DGD, but not at home. Now during summer holidays has taken massive backward steps and started weeing in pants between three to five times a day. Have tried,
a) ignoring it
b) loss of treats
c) reminders and asking "do you need a wee"
c) getting him to change and lots of praise for being a good boy
d) patience lost (not intentionally)

Thought for a time that it was an attention seeking thing and problem with DH being in work, but by now should be aware that he doesn't get anything from this. He has now taken to lying about needing a wee and when he has had an accident. Am now getting concerned that there may be something wrong.

DS due to start nursery in school in about 3 weeks and am scared that they will not let him if this does not improve.

Please help!

stroopwafel Tue 25-Aug-09 22:20:42

I dont have any advice, but wanted to sympathise with you! My DS (also 2.11) started potty training 3 months ago and over the last month has taken a step back.

He started back at pre-school (10 hrs a week here from 2 and a half) yesterday and they asked me in for a chat today as they feel it really isnt working. They havent requested that he goes back to nappies, but are trying to help me find a way to get DS through this and are now going to start sticker encouragement. I had put it down to laziness on his part and the fact Im 7 months pregnant, but I also wonder if its another stage some kids go through?

Its been a tough time with him, but it seems at home he is slightly better with lots and lots of encouragement and lots of asking! He will surprise me by wondering off to find a tree when we are out in the woods, and the next day peeing (and worse) in his clothes 3 times.

Advice anyone?!

mumblemumhome4lunch Sat 29-Aug-09 22:00:11

Not sure I have an answer other than grit your teeth. It could be a phase and you might just find that he stops and is fine for no apparent reason.

Only say this as it's what my DS did. He started at 2.4 because he really wanted to. We didn't have a single accident for 3 weeks and then just odd ones a few times a week. Then out of nowhere about 6 months later he was wetting all the time and having odd poo accidents too. I tried everything and nothing seemed to work. After about 4-5 months he suddenly was dry again and no accidents for a few months. Then back to constant accidents. He yo-yoed like this til he hit his 4th birthday earlier this year.

Hardest thing was keeping my temper because I knew he was perfectly capable. He does still have odd accidents even now and always leaves it til the very last minute before shooting off to the toilet. Very difficult when you are out and about or on a long car journey !

LiziBee Sat 12-Sep-09 21:06:21

You are not on your own!
DD1 has been toilet trained for 4months now yet in the last 2 days has not only wet her pants she has not controlled her wee at all (and I think the only reason she's not pooed in her knickers is because she always does a big wee first and I see it running over the floor and get her on a potty pronto).
She was at the point where I didn't need to mention the potty, she just took herself off to do it. What has gone wrong? We had eight changes of clothes today - I can't cope with this much longer!
I don't think anything new has crept into her diet, except maybe she is having a run on humzinger bars but she has had them before. The only environmental changes have been that she's just got a new bike (I doubt she ever done this much cycling before) and her little sister is just starting to walk on her own so is picking up lots of praise and attention.
I've tried your a to e list and tried really hard to catch her being good so she gets lots of positive attention for other things but it's not working.
I'm sorry I've no advice, but if I find an answer I'll be sure to share it!

neolara Sun 13-Sep-09 19:58:40

Thank God. I'm not alone!

My ds (2 years 8 months) "got" potty training in a day. He was perfectly fine for about a month, then he started to dribble a little and now, two months on, the dribble has turned into wetting himself 3 or 4 times a day. New baby and dropping his afternoon nap probably haven't helped.

Today I've put him back into nappies. I'll try him again in a couple of weeks. If anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to hear them.

LiziBee Sun 13-Sep-09 20:35:31

I'm pleased to report that she has done a lot better today. We went back to first principles of toilet timing, star charts and lots of praise and it seemed to help. However I am now even more convinced it's just attention seeking as she has been horrible to DD2 today including biting her. Again we've gone back to the first principles of catching her being good so we can praise her then and when she is naughty she gets a 3 strikes and out to the naughty step with no discussion. That seems to be improving things too. Just hope I can keep it all up tomorrow when I'm on my own!

TheMightyToosh Tue 20-Oct-09 13:19:39

I know this is an old thread that I'm commenting on, but just wondered if anyone had any positive stories a few weeks on?

My DD has been clean and dry all over the summer, but in the last few weeks has started having 4 or so wee accidents a day.

She is very resistant to me reminding her or asking if she needs to go, and get's quite annoyed/stressed if I try to put her on the toilet or potty when she has said she doesn't need to go, but invariably we have an accident less than 5 minutes later!

I've decided today to go back to star charts and rewards for not doing it in her pants. She is 2.8 and very conversant - totally understand to do it in the potty/toilet and not in her pants, but just seems to forget or ignore it.

I'm really hoping it is just a phase, and definitely not planning on going back to nappies, but it would be great to see if anyone on here has any stories of light at the end of the tunnel!

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