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3 year od dd holding on to last minute - wet undies all day

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suiledonn Sat 22-Aug-09 16:53:53

DD is 3.4 and has been potty trained for about 6 months. It all went very smoothly and she has been dry at night too for a few months.
The problem is that she is now too good at holding on when she needs to wee and has to be pursuaded to go to the bathroom. She leaves it so late that by the time she reaches the bathroom she starts to leak and although most of it goes in the potty she ends up a bit wet. I am getting fed up of the extra washing now as she is capable of going properly not to mention how annoying it is to watch her jumping around.
I've tried asking her regularly, not asking at all, running races where I tell her I have to go too and we race to the bathroom and just taking her hand and walking to the bathroom with her with no fuss but nothing works.
She is just too busy to bother.
Any advice?

truthisinthewine Sat 22-Aug-09 16:57:01

Oh me too, (well DD), she is driving me mad.

She is 2.11 and only recently out of nappies but she will hold it for hours dancing about and wriggling until she can hold it no more and we get half a potty full at once.

We're not actually getting any leakage, but is driving me crazy watching her jig about obviously needing to go but refusing to try.

suiledonn Sat 22-Aug-09 17:14:21

It is annoying, isn't it. It drives me mad with dd because she was fine for months - just ran off to the potty whenever she needed. I suppose the novelty wore off. Maybe time to get her a new potty or try her on the toilet.

My sister said it could cause an infection if she holds it in too long but not sure if that is true. Can't be good for her though.

elmofan Sat 22-Aug-09 17:25:34

hi suiledonn , i think you should try her on the toilet & when she gets used to that hide the potty , unfortunately it is possible to get an infection if she holds on for too long , my mum says i was always holding on for hours when i was a child & i got a lot of kidney infections ,
making a game of it is a great idea , smile

suiledonn Sat 22-Aug-09 17:37:02

thanks elmo. She is quite small for her age and has never been much of a climber so I have no idea how she would manage the toilet on her own. I have images of her falling off and splitting her head open on the tiles.

(PFB? Me? grin )

Should I get her those step things?

elmofan Sat 22-Aug-09 17:53:11

ha my dd is tiny too smile but she is a bit of a climber , a lot of my friends have those steps for toddlers & found them great ,
we went through a phase with dd that she would not use the toilet at all only her potty , so after a while i bribed encouraged her to use the toilet & promised to have a small party if she gave her potty away to the fairies for some other baby to use , this worked a treat with her ,
maybe you could hold her on the toilet just until she gains confidence she wont fall into it , there's a seat you can get for toddlers that stops them falling ,
worth a try smile

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