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PT rant - sorry!

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jay11 Wed 19-Aug-09 11:27:49

Grrrrr - started training dd2 (2.3) 10 days ago and she was doing brilliantly, asking to go without prompting and even using the big toilet. In fact Monday we even had poos in the big toilet smile. Well, since yesterday she's decided she doesn't want to tell me when she needs to go and would rather wee and poo on the floor 2 mins after I asked if she needed the loo angry. And she doesn't seem to care. Am doing all the right things to get back on track, but am just feeling despondent!

As I'm typing this she's pulled her pants down unprompted and is using the potty hmm - is she playing with my mind or what?!!

Rant over <and relax>

ches Wed 26-Aug-09 03:56:39

Don't ask her if she needs to go. She says no, because she isn't aware she needs to and is Very Busy Being A Two-Year-Old, but once you ask, you make her aware that actually she needs a wee Right Now And It's Too Late. So if she hasn't said she needs to wee in a while, say "Mum needs to wee, won't you come with me and see if you can do one too?" Or just tell her it's time to make a wee and her doll/teddy needs a wee too.

jay11 Wed 26-Aug-09 12:19:56

s'ok, she seemed to sort it herself a couple of days later. Now we've gone backwards again with the poos - refusing to sit on loo/potty then pooing in her pants. Think I need to get a few books in the toilet for her to read 'just like Daddy' lol.

I guess we'll get there in the end - 3rd time I've done this and it doesn't get any easier smile

mobo Wed 26-Aug-09 13:48:46

Can I join in the rant? I don't know what to do with DS. He goes to nursery 3 days a week and the staff there say he's doing really well with potty training. He even asks to go to the potty.

At home he never asks to go to the potty, and every time I say let's go to the potty he says he doesn't need to. Often at home now he won't wear a nappy and then he just wees and poos on the floor and cheerily goes 'i did a wee wee' and walks off. When i do get him on the potty he sits on it for about 10 seconds, then declares he's finished. [little devil smiley]

Where am I going wrong? We have books beside the potty, we bought a toilet seat in case he'd prefer that (he doesn't), we never shout when he wees and poos on the floor. How can I get him to use a potty at home? Clearly he can use one and knows when he needs to go. Is he just toying with us? It's driving me freakin' crazy!

jay11 Wed 26-Aug-09 17:26:24

It's annoying isn't it! Do you use pants at home? I always find putting the potty in front of the TV is great for getting them to sit down for more than 10 seconds. Oh yes, and treats for when he manages to get a wee/poo in the potty!

With the wees, I think ignoring my dd's accidents worked ie no comment when changing her. Gonna try that with the poos . . . grr last sat we went to a wedding and she managed to get all wees/poos in the toilet - dunno what's happened.

120cms Thu 27-Aug-09 21:01:50

mobo; I had something similar and was really stressed about it. asked her if she wanted to put the potty away for a bit and she said yes. this was a couple of months ago. then a couple of times this week she has been without a nappy so I got the potty out and she used it unprompted.

after my experience, I'd say stop it totally if its stressing you out, then calmly try again in a month or so. I felt a bit odd about it all, loosing face with nursery etc hmm, but actually it 'feels' right this time. not perfect, which is why I'm cruising these threads, but like we are going to get there!

I think the key thing was that I started to pot her when I wasn't ready!

mobo Mon 31-Aug-09 20:32:43

120cms, that's worth considering. Although everyone says you should never stop once you've started it's just not working with my DS. I know he CAN go to the potty, as he does at nursery, but for some reason he just doesn't want to at home. So maybe I should wait until he's more receptive to the idea.

cookielove Mon 31-Aug-09 20:40:02

mobo - you sound like a parent at my nursery her ds comes to nursery 3 days a week and is doing fab, but won't go at home how old is your ds?

It can be very hard to potty train but if he is doing it at nursery then part of me says he can do it at home to as it can be very confusing for the child to switch in between nappies and pants

mobo Mon 31-Aug-09 21:22:01

cookielove, he's 2.4 so it's not the end of the world if he's not potty trained at the mo. However I know what you mean about switching confusing him which is why we're still trying (trying being the word), but I do feel like giving up for now.
Sometimes I wonder if he just likes being treated more like a baby at home with mummy.

cookielove Mon 31-Aug-09 21:33:39

the child at nursery is a little older, and the mum only tried for a morning before putting him back in nappies even though we had been doing it all week, what is frustrating for the nursery is that they put in a lot of time and effort in and it is upsetting for all if a child is put back in nappies.

I would personally say give it another week and try and be firm, at nursery children are very use to rules and knowing what happens when e.t.c so potty training can be alot easier because lots of children are going at the same time where at home and its just you and him, if you really don't make any progress at home then put him back in nappies but nursery can keep popping him the potty just to keep up continuity (sp?), leave it for a month or two then try again.

We have another child who is complete role reversal good at home very un happy in pants at nursery, constantly wetting and doesn't want to sit on potty or toliet

mobo Mon 31-Aug-09 22:18:57

we will persevere for a while, i think, as long as the carpets and my patience can take it

cookielove Mon 31-Aug-09 22:21:06

good luck grin

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