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Day 8 - "holding on" for up to 5 hours

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Littleover Tue 18-Aug-09 21:49:42

This is the 3rd attempt at training DD1 (30 months). Each time goes the same, we go through the 'ready to train' stages and she seemed ready. So we start with 2 days indoors/garden and she will sit on the potty and read or watch telly but refuses to let go. So far this time I have caught a couple of wees as she does them but mainly there end up on the floor or in the garden. She gets near to going and then jumps up, panicky and saying "wee wee" and then runs off and does it elsewhere. I have also had my feet soaked several times where she has reversed into me and done it while I am cooking something. Her personal best was tonight as she got out of the bath and said "Mummy potty", I sat her on it and she jumped off and did it my husbands side of the bed. She went this morning at 7.30, on the stairs, and then didn't go until 1pm - when I got DD2 up from her nap. We had limited success with leaving her on her own in the playroom to do it as she like to hide when she wore a nappy but this ends up with her getting up just before and doing it as she runs away. I have tried an adapted loo seat - no good- and several types of potty. I try to sit with her on and off while she is on the potty but I have another baby to placate as well so I am pulled in 2 directions most days. We do all get to sit and read but this can't realistically take up more than a half hour stretch without one of them getting bored. Both girls are quite noisy and are constantly competing for attention. DD2 is 14 months and is frustrated as she isn't steady on her feet yet - not a crawler either. Both girls are demanding to say the least, like a couple of screaming monkeys most days - a real handful. Today I noticed she gets worried if I am helping the baby walk and she is left on the potty but I can't sit there for up to five hours can I? Sick of vaxing the carpet, there is no flooring downstairs that I can mop. I am whingeing now, any advice apart from pull myself together?

jay11 Wed 19-Aug-09 14:24:28

Leave it again - you all sound stressed!! Some dc's aren't trained til they're 3, so don't worry. The baby will be steadier on her feet soon and less demanding. Give the carpet a final vax, put the potties away and have a cuppa smile

Try again in a month or so - perhaps ask if she wants to try her pants again.

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