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Suddenly getting lots of accidents after 8 months dry - should I worry?

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Daffodilly Tue 18-Aug-09 18:47:23

DD is 2.10 and has been potty trained for over 8 months. She has had probably half a dozen accidents in that time, until this week when its been at least that many in the past 4 days!

Sometimes she's been hoping about and not made it in time. But a couple of times she just didn't even seem to realise she needed to go and then did a full huge wee - tonight it was at the dinner table (nice!)

Is this normal? Growth spurt? Sign of an infection (though she doesn't have a temp and hasn't complained of a pain)?

notevenamousie Tue 18-Aug-09 18:48:32

My dd did this for a few days last week. And then it seemed to stop. Maybe wait and see for a few days - but if it goes on I guess a UTI should be ruled out.

Daffodilly Tue 18-Aug-09 21:27:05

Thanks for that. DH just pointed out that we put away all her potties 2 weeks ago and this seemed to start just after. Though TBH it didn't seem to bother her putting them away - she already used toilet most of the time - and it isn't like she is struggling to get to the toilet in time. She doesn't even seem to notice until too late.

Will give it a few more days and then maybe take a sample to docs.

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