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3 year old DD just started pooing her pants!!!! HELP!

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mum2phoebs Mon 17-Aug-09 19:29:48

My 3 year old DD has been potty trained for a year now and dry at night for 6 months. We thought we had it sussed, she was going to the toilet to do both her wees and poos but suddenly this week she has decided to start pooing her pants!

She doesn't do the whole lot just a bit, we change her pants, then she'll do another bit and so on. We have told her she must tell Mummy & Daddy when she needs a poo and that she is a big girl and must not do it in her pants. She understands perfectly well, but is still doing it.

Does anyone have any ideas / suggestions. We want to stop her doing this before she starts back at playgroup in September.

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