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Day 2 - potty advice please

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Moofold Sun 16-Aug-09 12:00:12

My little girl started using her potty yesterday, she's 2 and a half. Lots of pees in potty but also went through 9 pairs of pants! However, she is spending almost all of her time perched on it - although she does seem to know when to run over to do a pee if she is up and about. So, do most new potty users spend so much time on it?

Also, she is very regualr and normally has 2 poos a day and has had none since yesterday morning. Might she have a hang up about pooing in potty - have others experienced this?

Have to go out later for a family dinner and contemplating a pull up for 30 min car journey. Wise or not?

mejon Sun 16-Aug-09 13:09:44

We are on day 6 and after a bit of a bad first day (8 pairs of pants!), having sought advice here, DD has been pant-free for the rest of the week. We've had very few accidents since - though I did put her in pull-ups when we went shopping. She isn't spending much time on the potty/toilet and is now going much longer between wees. We've had a couple of poos on the potty (and one in a flowerpot in the garden grin!) All I need to do now is re-introduce the pants and try to get her to take them off before weeing.

I would probably put your DD in pull-ups for the journey and I'd be inclined to keep them on for the dinner too unless she is good at letting you know that she wants to go as it is still very early days (but then I am lazy and all for an easy life!)

Can't really advise re the poos but I did find if I sat with DD and either read a story or sang a few songs whilst she was on the potty at a time she was likely to poo that helped (though this was before we started 'proper' potty training).

Moofold Sun 16-Aug-09 14:25:49

I noticed that about the pants too! Haven't had any on today and only one little accident so far. Still no poo though..

Just about to leave so will use pull ups for car then take them off again when we get to my Mum's and see how that goes. Lots of extra clothes in case of disaster.

Thanks for the advice and good luck with getting pants back on your wee one!

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