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I know it has been done before but pooing in pants HELP!!!!!

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katedan Wed 12-Aug-09 19:17:57

DD1 has been out of nappies three weeks. From day 1 she never did a poo anywhere else but the potty and after a couple of days we also had no wet accidents. I thought it was going too well!!! since the weekend she has done every poo in her pants!!!!

I was expecting some accidents but she seems to have totaly forgotten to do her poo's on the potty or toilet. Her ID twin is still in nappies as she did not want to potty train and I wonder if she see's her sister poo in her nappy and thinks it is OK. We have given lots of praise for her potty traing so she feels special in comparrsion to her twin but she seems to not be bothered by the poo in her pants.


jay11 Fri 14-Aug-09 18:00:02

My dd2 is doing the same thing! Didn't experience this with my older two, not not sure what do to. She seems upset when she has an accident, and I know she can do it - I'm thinking she's just not getting to the toilet ontime . There's a helpful thread here which may be of help. I'm just gonna go with the flow and hope she gets it!

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