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Can anyone help with my potty training nightmare?

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Jamiemum Sat 08-Aug-09 20:30:37

Hi. I've never posted before but am desperate for some advice. DS is 2.6 and wants to wear pants. His nappy (cloth) was often dry after naps and sometimes in the mornings too so I thought he had a good degree of bladder control.

We have now done 3 distressing days of potty training. He will hold on to his wee for up to 8 hours at a time despite sitting on the potty (with encouragement, stickers, books etc etc) at very regular intervals. We would then have hours and hours of him crying and dancing around as he was in pain but too scared to go. Putting him back into a nappy didn't work as he refused to wee in that either. He would eventually do a huge wee amid much screaming - 2 in the potty and several in the garden and a couple in a nappy. I rewarded the wees no matter where they were but am at a loss what to do next as reverting back to nappies makes no difference.

Has anyone come across this problem before as its upsetting everyone seeing him so uncomfortable.


onepieceoflollipop Sat 08-Aug-09 20:34:44

Bumping for you.

Just a couple of thoughts, is there any chance he could have a urine infection; that could account for the apparent pain and distress.

Also when he sits on the potty, is it led by him or do you tend to keep asking him. I know with dd1 we got quite worked up ourselves (me and dh) and tended to hassle her. Sometimes all of the stickers/rewards etc along with a prompt every few minutes can just stress everyone out, including the dc.

I am about to go through the whole training with dd2 very soon and not looking forward to it.

Jamiemum Sat 08-Aug-09 20:44:21

Don't think he has an infection but am worried he may get one soon wiht all the holding on. I thought we might be hassling him too much after the first day but he was very keen and kept running to the potty himself. We then backed off so it has been led by him.

Washersaurus Sat 08-Aug-09 20:45:12

God I hate potty training (DS1 is 4 and I am stll at it and I have DS2 to sort soon too)

I would get your DS checked for urinary infection to start with just to be sure. Have you tried encouraging him to stand up to pee - not ideal I realise <Washer shudders at her permanently wee splashed toilet seat>. Never tried them but there are also those balls you can put in the potty/toilet for them to wee on to encourage them a bit.

It gets a bit full on with all the rewards etc. Maybe just cool off for a bit and don't say anything - have you got any pull-up washables?

DS1 can't hold a wee for 5 minutes so I am mightily impressed at 8 hours!

StinkyFart Sat 08-Aug-09 20:47:11

you could try upping his liquid intake to keep his bladder full

I seem to recall someone on here using an hourly timer to sit on potty

also he might do well going straight to the toilet with a trainer seat

just a thought

good luck

onepieceoflollipop Sat 08-Aug-09 20:48:16

Also some people suggest giving a bit more to drink than usual. In some ways if he does have an accident it isn't a bad thing; he will quickly learn the cause and effect iyswim.

Allypally77 Sun 09-Aug-09 11:09:54

Hi I'm in similar situation. We are on day 3 of potty training. Ds is 2.8 and wants to wear big boy pants and shows all signs for readiness, but doesn't like potty/toilet seat etc. Holds wee in for ages and mostly has accidents, unless I manage to catch him quickly enough. He's waking from lunchtime nap with dry nappy too, and can hold wee for up to 5 hours.
Have tried encouragement, stickers, sweets and loads of praise, but am wondering if i should step back and let him take the lead, even if it means loads of accidents?
Anyone been in this situation before?
Any tips/advice?

Jamiemum Sun 09-Aug-09 20:57:42

Thank goodness I'm not alone!
We had a marginally better day. Early wee in the nappy (8am) then nothing until 4.30 pm (maybe a little one during his nap) when he sat on his potty. When the wee came it was so forceful it shot over the top and hosed all over dh!!! He (ds not dh) happily sat on the potty watching tv whilst we mopped the floor and did a big poo. Hes gone to bed very happy with himself. So fingers crossed for tomorrow.
The only thing we did differently was to step right back and let him lead and also to buy different sweets as potty treats!
Good luck
ps have dipped his wee and definately no infection thankfully

Washersaurus Sun 09-Aug-09 21:54:51

Glad to hear you are having a better time of it now. My friend's DD hardly ever wees in comparison to DS, who goes to the toilet around 20-30 times each day.

We are making slow progress with him now... with the help of my "prize basket". At the end of each day DS1 can choose one of the wrapped up prizes out of the basket if he has kept his pants dry (well y'know made a valid effort).

It seems to be working - I certainly am not nagging him as much as previously, and he is now making an effort not to wee in his night nappy too.

The prizes are just a job lot of 2nd hand playmobil bits and pieces that I wrapped up in old comics.

The pressure is on for us as DS1 starts school in September.

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