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dd 2,1 has stopped asking for toilet.

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ilovetochat Sat 08-Aug-09 20:14:01

I posted recently that after swimming dd was having accidents in the evening and wondered if it was cos she could wee in the pool without a consequence.
well it is going down hill and now she doesnt ask for potty/toilet, if i ask her if she needs a wee she always says no, if i sit her on she will try to wee and often succeed, but she is having accidents at home and out and about and i dont know what to do?
she just stood on the step downstairs and weed through her pants and dress and so i brought her up for a bath and she stood and weed on the carpet and just watched a puddle form.
she has been in pants since April and was 95% dry, maybe an accident a week at most. Now it is 2 a day and i need help!

ilovetochat Sat 08-Aug-09 21:13:44

dd wears a nappy for bed as she is nowhere near dry at hight and tonight as she was falling asleep she said "oh no ive weed again ive weed in my cot".
I told her she had her nappy on its ok but maybe thats confusing her?
its like she doesnt know she is going to wee sometimes,

ilovetochat Sat 08-Aug-09 22:05:13


GlastonburyGoddess Sat 08-Aug-09 22:06:51

She is 1? seems v v young to be 100% trained tbh

ilovetochat Sat 08-Aug-09 22:11:44

no sorry she is 2.1, she potty trained at 21 months, got it quickly and asked for the toilet when she needed it. now she rarely asks, although she always tells me when she wants a poo.

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