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Pull ups on for nap time?

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SydneyB Fri 07-Aug-09 20:03:38

DD, 2.8, has been more or less potty trained for about 6 weeks now and she's done brilliantly and rarely has accidents now. I always thought that you shouldn't put a nappy or pull up on for naps once you potty trained them but poor DD wakes very upset after many of her afternoon naps with sopping knickers and bedding. Should I put a pull up on for now or just keep hoping?

gigglewitch Fri 07-Aug-09 20:07:07

do you take her for a wee first, and give her a drink afterwards rather than before her nap? We ended up doing both of these with ds2, which worked for him...
and do whatever you think is best for you and your dd, you are not going to set things back and this 'phase' won't last long, it will be the first stage towards being dry at night. You can't 'force' the issue, so I think probably better to put pull-ups on (if she will) and when they start to be less wet then try again. Much better to reduce the stress imho smile

tassisssss Fri 07-Aug-09 20:08:23

both my guys have potty trained at aroune 2.5 and kept having naps until around 3. i happily kept then in nappies until nappies were consistently dry. it's fine. she's doing great, and enjoy that she's still napping!

SydneyB Fri 07-Aug-09 20:16:59

Oh that's good to hear. We do have a wee before nap but (I'm lucky) she still needs a 2 hr nap each day so is quite a long time to stay dry and I don't want to upset her when she's been so good at getting the hang of it all. Also fearful I may wake to a poo one day..

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