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Is my three year old ever going to be out of nappies!

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mummyemily Fri 07-Aug-09 12:15:33

Help in April of this year I took the step to potty train my son, bought loads of pants that he chose, two itendical potties, a step and a toilet seat thing, i spoke to him about using the potty and how grown up he was, was adivices to just stop with nappies so not to confuse him, for 8 weeks i had several wet pairs of trousers and pants and he never pooed in the potty or toliet just his pants and he never seemed bothered by it! i could take him out for hours and go and see friends and he would use the potty and stay clean and dry but when i was at home it was if he just counldnt be bothered! i would sit him on the potty and nothing then a minute after wet trousers! so i am afriad to say i gave up
Now he has just turned 3 and is so on the ball with everything else (been sleeping in grown up bed for neary six months) "reads" to himself after night time story and never gets up, eats witrh knife and fork you get the idea but when i mention using the potty or tolilet he says that he can poo and wee in his pants because his friends do - they are all toliet trained!! i have thought about just leaving him naked from the waist down to make it easier but he has a real issue about not having trousers on he knows when he is doing it because he tells me if he has just had a poo every time we go shopping he is desprate to use the public tolilets just not at home! please help he starts preschool in september and i would really like him to be in pants.

Bleatblurt Fri 07-Aug-09 12:29:03

Personally I would drop the whole topic with your son. Just leave it for a while, keep him in nappies. Eventually he'll do it on his own without any stress. My DS1 was 3.6 before he toilet trained and he just did it overnight of his own accord - decided now he was a big boy and didn't need his nappy.

He was also at nursery while still in nappies which wasn't ideal but it was ok. I think seeing other boys there going to use the toilet made him think about giving up his nappies.

mummyemily Fri 07-Aug-09 12:37:40

thank you will just leave it until he tells me! i just feel like i have done something wwrong!

juuule Fri 07-Aug-09 12:42:25

My dd was the same as Butterball's ds. 3.4 when she decided, 3days later and out of nappies reliably.

Bleatblurt Fri 07-Aug-09 12:57:32

mummyemily, you haven't done anything wrong at all! Potty training is one of those things that worry nearly every parent. It doesn't help when other mums always have stories of their 2 year old being dry day and night.

I sometimes felt my DS would NEVER want to stop using a nappy but he did get there and your DS will too. smile

sunfleurs Mon 10-Aug-09 11:56:32

Oh this is me. My ds trained overnight as well. At age 3 he asked me what the Winnie the Pooh toilet seat was for, I told him, he used it and never wore a nappy again, dry at night two weeks later.

However dd is almost 3 and screams "NO!" whenever I bring up the toilet seat or potty. She is not at all amenable the way her brother was and I can't see it happening anytime soon.

bethoo Mon 10-Aug-09 12:00:51

this has reassured me as my ds is 2.5 years and if i ask him if he wants ot go to hte toilet he says no yet will stand by the loo and go to the loo in his nappy then tell me he has pooed and tuen so his bum is on my direction. so he knows when he has done it but will not say he needs one but then he barely talks.

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