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Day 3 and on the verge of giving up - dissuade me!

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MyAngels Thu 06-Aug-09 17:06:41


I am trying to potty train DD (aged 28 months - extremely verbal and independent (stubborn?)). We are on Day 3 and today has been a nightmare - 2 poos in pants at childminders, lost count of wet pants and wet furniture this afternoon...Yesterday we had 3 wees in potty and I was really hopeful. She is becoming very clingy and upset when we leave her at the childminders and after this afternoon I'm wondering if I'm just torturing her (and myself) and making us both grumpy, emotional and tired.

I'm expecting a baby in November and so wanted to do it now, as I'm not going to have the time or energy once the baby is here and we are off from the childminder's for a fortnight in a couple of weeks.

I know there is this thought that it will happen "when they are ready", but she understands and manages so much else, I'm wondering why she can't learn this too?

How long do I give it before throwing in the towel (and the wet pants)? Am I expecting too much?

Thanks for any pearls of wisdom


tatty33 Thu 06-Aug-09 19:10:13

what were the days like when it was just the 2 of you at home? Maybe she's just adjusting to being at the cm?

What are your plans for the 2 weeks you're off - sounds like a good time to concentrate on it

MyAngels Fri 07-Aug-09 07:53:04

Hi thanks tatty

She goes to the childminder every morning and we haven't had a full day at home with the potty yet (silly me for starting on a Monday!), but the different summer holiday routine at the childminders is definitely not helping (plus the childminder is a bit worried that DD's puddles etc at her house might be bothering the other children - she doesn't want the little ones who might visit crawling through them (although she would clean them up straight away) - so this is stressing me too.

We did have one wee in the potty before bed last night and she took off her night nappy herself and brought me the potty this morning, so I'm hopeful again...

We are going on holiday for half the fortnight off (to Spain - probably a mistake again..), but will have a week when we get back. Unfortunately I haven't the luxury of much time off work left to concentrate on it.
Just so much guilt and wory...!

Big sigh as Day 4 dawns..


feedthegoat Fri 07-Aug-09 08:08:18

I wouldn't be too disheartened after 3 days as it took at least a week to start to fall into place for my ds and he was a month from his 3rd birthday.

But (and this is just my personal opinion, I'm not having a go honest!) I don't think the fact that they can manage to do other things well has any bearing on potty training at all. It's more of a physical development thing and if they haven't reached the stage of being able to undertand that they need to wee then no amount of you encouraging or wanting it is going to help.

But day 3 is probably to early to be sure that she won't get it yet. You never know, by the weekend she might suprise you!

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