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Can any wise mumsnetters give me their opinion on whether my DS is ready for potty training, cant decide if I'M lazy negligent or pushy lol!!

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stilltryingtosell Wed 29-Jul-09 21:17:15

DS is 2 and 3/4. He is fully aware of when he wants to do wees or poos as he runs off and hides or goes quiet. he can do wees on the potty, but so far has only ever done so on three occasions, once at nursery when one of his favourite nurses took him and made a big fuss of him, the other two times was when he was staying with my mum for a few nights and she, again, made it her MISSION to get him on the potty and bribed him with chocolate etc.

Whats the problem I hear you say lol!!! Well, whenever i try to get him on the potty he literally has a head fit and just fltly refuses, then followed by a big sulk. We went out to buy 'big boy pants' at the weekend, which he now wants to wear but still refuses to try the potty so i have said until he ewants to at least SIT on it then big boy pants will have to stay in the drawer!!

So is he ready or not because I just can't work it out!!

sockonmyhead Thu 30-Jul-09 07:35:21

Does he like the toilet any better? DS1 liked to use the toilet more, now he much prefers to sit on the potty and watch cbeebies!

If he wears pants does he wee in them? I would let him wear pants and leave him to it, don't prompt him to use the potty. He'll either wet himself and hopefully cotton on to using the potty or maybe surprise you and use the potty straight off.

Failing that, I would leave him for a few weeks then try again, it sounds like he is a bit stressed out by the whole thing!

Knickers0nMaHead Thu 30-Jul-09 09:52:54

i agree with sock. Put him in pants and let him learn how it feels to be wet and then he might start using the potty.

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