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Potty trained 3yo, still asking for toilet frequently - always at inconvenient times!

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blithedance Tue 28-Jul-09 13:45:54

DH has asked me to post this! doesn't happen often.

DS2 is 3.11 and has been potty trained since last Christmas. He is 95% dry at night.

However he seems to need a wee very frequently and often asks for the toilet even if he can only squeeze out a tiny bit or none at all. He's been like this for ages so I don't think it's a temporary UTI.
Often he won't last for an hour without asking to go.

He drinks a reasonable not excessive amount, mostly well diluted blackcurrant squash.

It's driving us mad because wherever we go we are constantly searching for toilets/bushes. But then he can sometimes be fine for long periods as well.

DH thinks it may be attention seeking as he enjoyes seeing us spring to panic stations as soon as he says "I need a wee!". Previously there was a bit of a power struggle going on where he'd insist he couldn't pull down his trousers and wanted one of us to do it.

Any ideas? I don't know whether it's nervousness about having an "accident", misreading the signs, a genuine medical reason/immature bladder control or just cussedness. He's not by nature a nervous child, he's full of energy and oblivious to dirt/wet/mess.

DH and the boys are on a trip to London today and I dread to think of the antics they will have been up to trying to find places to "go"...

fluffyanimal Tue 28-Jul-09 13:49:54

It could be attention seeking. My ds always likes to go several times when in a restaurant or cafe just for the fun of it grin, when I know in reality he can last for hours. Is your ds in childcare for any length of time? if so, how is he there? otherwise, I'd just think he was still learning to read the signs. Can you react more slowly and calmly rather than going to 'panic stations'?

droitwichmum Tue 28-Jul-09 13:56:36

Oooh I had this problem and never found anyone else who shared it! So glad I am not alone.
The bad news is that for my DS it lasted AGES. The good news is that it has nothing to do with UTI/kidney infection or any other health-type problem and it DOES end eventually.
My DS is now 5.8 and it had definitly stopped before he started school last September. He is 'normal' now but if we go somewhere new he usually asks me if there will be toilets there, and he visits more frequently than in familiar ones.
We dealt with the bad times by taking a porta-potty (the fold up Tommy Tippee one) with us everywhere. I think its still in the boot of the car.... smile

Iklboo Tue 28-Jul-09 13:59:26

I have a feeling it's because he's a boy and he likes getting his winky out. DS that is - he's exactly the same. Guarantee we go into a shop or restaurant 'I need a wee'
Soft play place - can we prise him off the equipment? Not on your nelly

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