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almost 5 and not dry at it another go, tips please!!

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fuzzypeach Sat 25-Jul-09 23:01:58

DD is 4yrs 10m and has been dry in the day since she turned 2 - but to this day has never had a dry nappy at night if left all night.
a few times over the last 2 years I have tried just leaving her in only knickers at night, and also lifting her to the toilet around 11pm, but it has never worked.

I have read before that lifting is detrimental to the process, but then other places I have read that is what you should do.

Can anyone help me out, tonight i have left her in knickers and a bed mat under her, I just lifted her about ten mins ago and so far she is dry. I didnt giver her anything to drink at least an hour before bedtime and she went to the loo before and after brushing her teeth....

How long do I keep going with wet nights before I give up and go back to nappies, or do I not give up..should i be lifting? shoud i have waited til she has dry night nappies??

thank you!!

sazm Sat 25-Jul-09 23:06:39

my ds has just turned 5,he is always soaking in the morning,theres no way he could go without,he has been dry through the day since just before he turned 3,
my dd however has just turned 3,was dry through the day just before her birthday,and dry at night a couple of weeks later,no accidents at all,

i think they are all just so different,giving ds no juice/lifting makes no difference at all to how wet he is,he has never had a dry pull-up in the morning!

fuzzypeach Sat 25-Jul-09 23:11:04

how did you know when to do dd then...was her pullup just always dry ?
i think that my dd just knows she can wee as she has a nappy on but then forgets when she doesnt, so im worried if i just wait til she has a dry pullup i will be waiting forever...

PrettyCandles Sat 25-Jul-09 23:11:05

I have 3dcs (8yo ds1 only dry this year, 6yo dd still in night napppies, 2yo ds2 starting to have dry nappies at night within a week of toilet training), and I don't think your dd is ready yet. I would leave her in nappies until they are dry in the morning. By all means continue lifting her (that's what we did with ds1) but not at the same time every night.

corriefan Sat 25-Jul-09 23:16:05

My ds is 4.5 and recently when we got up really early to catch a flight I noticed his nappy was dry at about 5.30. I thought maybe he was weeing because he had a nappy on so I just tried him without with a star chart. He's been dry since and the star chart's now redundant. I also have a potty in his room (which he shares with my dd).
I'd just try her without occasionally.

sazm Sat 25-Jul-09 23:59:51

yep,dd had dry nappies for about a week,so we just put normal pants on her at night adn we have had no accidents,
they both have drinks at the same time,both go to the toilet before bed and she is dry in teh morning and he is very wet,
we tried lifting him at 11/12ish when we were going to bed,but even then (he goes to bed at abouut 8pm) he was wet,

fortyplus Sun 26-Jul-09 00:04:24

Go to your GP and ask them to prescribe Desmopressin. It's a synthetic version of the hormone that adults make at night to concentrate their urine. Babies don't produce it, and it starts at varying ages which is why some children bedwet much longet than others. It's administered last thing at night via a nasal spray and will get dd into the habit of staying dry at night until the hormone kicks in naturally.

fortyplus Sun 26-Jul-09 00:06:58

Actually i read your title as 5 not nearly 5. She's a little young for desmopressin - leave it another 6-9 months

hunkermunker Sun 26-Jul-09 00:09:44

Just relax.

Does it matter if she's not dry at night? Lots of children her age aren't - I don't think you'll get medical help for her until she's 7ish as it's not considered an issue until then.

sazm Sun 26-Jul-09 00:15:54

yep,im not bothered at all that ds isn't dry yet,i remember i was quite late,i think it will be a couple of years before i worry,

ches Sun 26-Jul-09 04:33:22

My experience with lifting is with a 2yo. I lift him before bed if he doesn't wake up before then. He still nurses before bed and sometimes will put an inch or inch and a half in the bottom of a large potty. There's no way anyone would be able to go the whole night with their bladder that full, we'd wake up and go to the loo or if unable, wet the bed. He then wakes again around 1-2am and comes in with us. Depending on the colour of his wee at my bed time, I'll put him on the potty then (almost clear) or ask if he needs to wee (darker). He has been dry at night for about 2-3 months now, but wouldn't be without the lifting. I still get up to go in the night and he's not yet able to get up and do it himself, so I see lifting as part of my parenting responsibilities. He's doing his bit by holding on when he wakes up and I'm doing my bit by helping him get onto and off the potty.

IMO an older child should be helped to get up on their own and use the toilet or a potty next to the bed. She could sleep in a nightie with no nickers on (at least in the beginning) and have a night light to help her see. She may still need help with this in the beginning, though. Whether or not lifting her is worthwhile depends on when she's wetting. If she likes her sleep she could just be using a nappy for convenience when she wakes up in the morning instead of getting out of bed to use the toilet. In that case you could set an alarm and get up 15 min before her and wake her up and march her off to the loo before she gets a chance to wet the bed.

seeker Sun 26-Jul-09 05:49:51

Ches - you could be doing that for 4 years! Quite ofter children aren't physiologically ready to be dry at night until they are 5 or even 6! Why don't you just put a nappy on him?

fuzzypeach, she will be dry at night, but not until she is ready. I would go back to nappies until you have a few dry mornings. It will happen, honestly!

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