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Ds 5yrs old.No more pull ups from tonight..advice please

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parker1313 Sun 19-Jul-09 22:23:38

Iv ensured my ds has drank plenty today.He has gone to bed with no pull up.Iv just lifted him for a wee and he only weed a little bit.
Should I lift him as I heard its not advisable but cant remember why.
Should I lift him again thru the night?

seeker Sun 19-Jul-09 22:27:36

Why have you decided no more pull ups? If he has wet nappies every morning, then his brain hasn't switched om to waking when he needs to pee, so you'll just have lots of wet beds. Why not wait til he's dry in the morning?

cece Sun 19-Jul-09 22:29:51

Yes I agree wait till he has dry nappies in the morning. DS was 5 when he stopped - he told me though! I just waited till he decided to do it. Then just put him to bed, no lifting.

parker1313 Sun 19-Jul-09 22:46:15

Because they had a health check at school and we were given a questionnaire to fill out.It asked if ds was dry at night and wif not would I like advice.
The advice leaflet adviced no pull ups as the child becomes completely reliant on them.
Im just giving it a go with him.He usually doesnt drink enough in the day and then gets thirsty in the night.As he is now off school I can ensure he drinks plenty in the day and then not feel guilty if he doesnt take a drink to bed.
There is lots of good advice on the leaflet.

snickersnack Sun 19-Jul-09 23:11:43

I would give it a few nights and if it's not working go back to pull ups. I think they really do have to be ready, and if they aren't there's no point putting everyone through the stress of wet beds night after night, but if you think he's just weeing in it rather than getting up (say, first thing in the morning) then you might be pleasantly surprised.

snickersnack Sun 19-Jul-09 23:13:11

Forgot to add - I can't really see the point in lifting them, especially not through the night. If you're having to wake him, he probably isn't ready.

Buddleja Sun 19-Jul-09 23:22:23

My DS was 5 when he told me he didn't want to have 'nappies' at night because he as big and at school - he'd never had a dry pull up

We had a dry bed the first night and wet for the following three (but less wet each night) this was followed by several nights dry and several mornings wet for about two months

He hasn't had a accident for ages now

I don't think I'd of bothered going through al that after a week only for him not wanting to wear pull ups anymore

ches Mon 20-Jul-09 04:09:08

There's a possibility that if he's wet every morning it's because he knows he's in a nappy and can just wee instead of going to the loo. It's pretty tempting, TBH, get rid of the uncomfortable bladder, relax a bit longer in bed. Whether there's a point in lifting depends on when he wets. If he wets early, lift him, but make him walk to the bathroom and stand up to wee. (If at age 5 he still needs to wee at night, he needs to learn do it himself. Loads of people, young and old, get up to have a wee at night.) If he's wetting early, set an alarm to get to him while he's still asleep and then wake him up and make him go to the toilet. Let him go back to bed to snooze afterwards if he wants.

parker1313 Mon 20-Jul-09 08:14:36

Dh came into me this morning at about 7am whilst he was getting ready for work and said ds is dry!
Dh said he just woke ds and asked if he wants a wee and ds replied with no.
Dh then came in less than half hour later and said ds has just weed in his bed.
Ds was moaning saying he didnt want to get up and would of been happy to lay in his wee.
I stuck him in the bath with great reluctance.

parker1313 Mon 20-Jul-09 21:35:38


ches Tue 21-Jul-09 02:01:36

Well it seems obvious to me then that he's weeing in the nappy in the morning for convenience and you need to get his bum out of bed and stood in front of the toilet.

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