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clean and dry at last at 3.10- now from potty to toilet......

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lingle Tue 14-Jul-09 18:12:53

Proud mummy moment - my language-delayed DS2 has been dry since April and has only had one poo in his pants in the last fortnight. He wees in the toilet and poos in his potty.

<big cheer goes up>

who knew that the potty HAD to be pillar-box red? and the poo thing would only work once he got enough language to really understand sweetie-bribery?

So, our ongoing toilet-related problems are:

1. he's scared of new toilets, especially those with handdriers - thankfully he will use nursery's toilets. Almost as bad, he's fascinated by toilets in other people's houses and has been known to start playdates saying "come on Jack, let's flush the toilet!". Toilets are a source of desire, fear, feelings of inadequacy then triumph, etc etc!!!!

2. he wees standing up and is clearly scared of sitting on the toilet - guess I need one of those seats with a built-in little seat - I had a freestanding little seat but it's too wobbly. Can you unfit your own loo seat and fit these yourself or is it quite tricky? (DH and I are a bit useless).

3. Now that we don't need so many nappies, I keep running out of nighttime nappies. guess I need a new brain for that one as I couldn't care less about nighttime till he's 5 or so.

4. He weed on the school field when leaving school nursery in front of all the dinner ladies!!!!! He thought he was being so good too.....

crokky Tue 14-Jul-09 18:22:37

We have a toilet seat like this but in white:

The price is a bit ouch!! and we didn't know whether to get the toilet seat, but it has been well worth it as we now have no toilet problems at all.

My DS also has speech delay and required the potty to be red lol (that's what sorted the potty training - getting rid of the yellow one and replacing with red)

You'll be able to fit the seat I linked to.

lingle Tue 14-Jul-09 18:24:11

how funny about the red potty!!! I got mine from a company called "wee punk". Took me ages to find it and it sorted the wees within a few days....

aw they're cute.

thanks for the toilet seat recommendation.

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