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potty trained but refusing to try toilet

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dawnibumps Fri 10-Jul-09 13:32:27

I have done all the things the experts say, my 26 month old daughter is brilliant at peeing and pooping in her potty, no accidents. she will quite happily shed her clothes and run for her potty nomind of who is there or what she was doing before hand but...she wont go to toilet in a toilet.

our house toilet has a multiseat on it, so she has a nice stable seat just right size for her little bum. she has a step stool so she can reach her seat. i cant get her to used the kiddy size toilets at playgroup, i cant get her to use a portapotty. this means i am still having to use nappies whenever we leave the house. what do i do? sad

MotherofInvention Fri 10-Jul-09 20:37:41

Take the pressure off - the more you push for it the more she'll refuse. Give her lots of praise when she does it right - at 26 months she's doing pretty well compared to many others so might just need a bit more time. Toilets can be really scary for kids.

See if you can get some books that involve kids going to the toilet to get her interested and just go with the flow for a while. Make sure she sees other kids using the loo. And if she's potty trained at home I'd just take the plunge and let her go out in knickers (if she's happy to). Bring your potty and when she has an accident, explain that it will be much more comfortable next time if she tells you and goes on the potty. Or take her to the shops to choose a portable toilet seat - we had one that folded into a little bag which my son liked carrying with him as it was 'his'. But overall as she's still so little I'd just give lots of praise/stickers for doing well and try to ignore the rest - it will happen!

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