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potty trained at home but not at nursery - what to do?

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wellieboot Wed 08-Jul-09 11:44:39

My dd (2.6) has been potty trained for about 10 days and has not had a single accident - is happy to wee at home/toddler group/her granny's house - but point blank will not go at nursery (she goes two days a week). According to them she holds it in and won't go, and gets upset - even though I take her potty in with her. Yesterday they asked me to send her in with some pullups 'just in case' and when I went to pick her up she had been in them since mid morning. They were quite defensive about it, saying you can speak to the manager if you have an issue but we had to do this as we couldn't leave a child to get upset, we've tried everything etc. Not really sure what to do - I don't want it to cause a regression at home as she is doing so well - even goes for a wee just before we get in the car to go to nursery and when we get home! The things I am wondering are a) is this a normal part of the process - getting used to feeling comfortable weeing/pooing in various places and b) shall I just them do what they think is best? Grateful for any advice!

fluffyanimal Wed 08-Jul-09 11:48:29

Give it time. My ds went through a stage of being fine on the potty at home but didn't want to do it at nursery. if you get uptight about it your dd will think it's a big deal and it is more likely to cause a regression. let her do as she likes there. She'll probably make up her own mind when she's ready. Ask the staff to keep asking her if she wants to go to the toilet/potty when they take her friends, but not to make an issue of it if she says no. One day she'll say yes, I promise. A few more weeks of pull ups is much better than a child getting upset at nursery.

wellieboot Wed 08-Jul-09 12:05:15

Thankyou that is reassuring. I was going to promise a treat for when she's done it at nursery but I think I'll just not make an issue of it and send her in with pull ups and as you say, not get uptight about it (need to keep my stressy tendencies in check!)

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