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Best potty for young potty training?

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architien Sun 05-Jul-09 14:16:15

Hi there.

I'd like to start potty training with elimination communication at 2 months/3 months old baby is currently 3 weeks old. Has anyone tried this and what's the best potty to buy?

smartacus Sun 05-Jul-09 14:26:00

What is "elimination communication"?

paisleyleaf Sun 05-Jul-09 14:26:23

My DD sat on one of these from 6 mths
it's good because of the support back and sides
and was a handy little travel pot later (just using the inner bit).

Obviously my DD was supporting herself pretty well at 6 mths compared to your baby. Your baby will need holding whatever you use...whether it's a potty/toilet/newspaper whatever might not matter too much.

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