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Potty trained at nursery - terrible at home

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CarrieF Wed 01-Jul-09 19:29:04

Help please! My 2 year old daughter always uses the potty at nursery but she point blank refuses to do so at home to the extent she throws it across the room and then wets her knickers. I don't ever get upset, I have done a chart, I have used bribery but nothing will make her sit on the potty at home. Any ideas anyone????

dcoppack Thu 02-Jul-09 16:47:11

Ease off for a few days then try again, I had this too, I just left her in nappies for a few days then tried again. Also if you make them clean up the "accident" with you it makes them think twice about doing it again (just make sure it's not too much fun).

ches Fri 03-Jul-09 03:31:55

She uses it at nursery because of the "peer pressure." Let her use the toilet or show her favourite doll/teddy how to do it. (Apparently this works the same way as peer pressure.)

CarrieF Fri 03-Jul-09 10:24:37

Thank you both. She is also waking up at night when she needs the loo even though she is wearing a nappy. She just seems so stressed!

ches Sat 04-Jul-09 05:38:07

Well if she needs a wee at night she SHOULD be disinclined to use a nappy because that's what you want her to do during the day.

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