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A rant about toilet training

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Maninadirndl Thu 25-Jun-09 10:46:41

Daughter one seemed to get rid of ther nappy in days. Son Two is a nightmare. We were in the doctors perfectly on time when he did a "Little Britain" partly into his wellies and partly on the waiting room floor.

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall extolls the virtues of cooking as therapy. Last Sunday I tried a bit for myself. He was sat on the kitchen workbench calmly watching me cook when a puddle appeared beneath him, just as the onions were sizzling away. So much for peaceful therapy!

And coupled with Daughter shouting "I've FINISHED!" I feel like one of the Bottom Inspectors out of Viz Comic.

Is it me or is this phase perhaps the - forgive this - the shittiest phase between babyhood and childhood?

fairysmum Tue 14-Jul-09 16:54:40

i think so! my 2 yr old girl was toilet trained and has now reverted to just peeing and pooing in her knickers. im completely bewildered and sick of laundry. am thinking she was too young?! or maybe she is just too stubborn to use the loo.

BriocheDoree Sun 19-Jul-09 13:53:18

Sometimes it's just two steps forward and three steps back. My DD at 5 is now fine, but even last year there were the odd accidents now and again. I think they just get sidetracked and can't be bothered to stop what they are doing to go on the toilet, particularly when they are little and can't go on their own. Just training my two year old now and, after a week, he's nearly there, but I know it will be a LOOOOOONG time before I can stop taking spare clothes out with me!

tattycoram Sun 19-Jul-09 13:58:09

I don't know. My two and a half year old can do a whole day at nursery without an accident, but frequently wets himself at home - this is after about 8 weeks of potty training. It's annoying

oneopinionatedmother Sun 19-Jul-09 22:07:04

they can get dry very quickly once they've got the hang: though i make sure she goes at regular intervals so if she has an accident its my fault for not remembering to take her

regressions can be painful (one week to train@ 19mo...two dry months later complete regression (factors: nappy rash too sore to sit, family wedding, diahorreah) - one month to train..)
I don't subscribe to the 'not ready' theses (for most over 18mo) but I definitely think things can go astray pretty quickly and a few accidents should be expected.

if i have to go out for longer than an hour i generally take a poty with me rather than clothes (it did amuse the people on the campsite to see her proudly lifting it up to show them....'Boodjie')

potty training was an absolute effing nightmare for the month of regression. All i did all day every day was potty train....very glad she is 'fixed'now, and delighted with her performances.

now..if she'd only poo on it (instead of waiting until night time nappy)

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