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A ray of hope (& proud moment) I thought she'd never do it!!!!

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101StressPuppy Tue 10-May-05 15:42:40

My dd will be 3 very soon, I have had many problems with constipation including numerous perscriptions of lactulose.

She has never ever show an interest in potty/toilet training and in fact has actively show a disinterest and dislike for anything to do with toilet training.

I have to say I'm quite relaxed about it so have never forced the issue too much although have always conciously talked about it to her. She useed to start screaming and crying the minute you mentioned it (no idea why)

I was starting to think she never would do it... until Saturday

I talked about it with her and put her in knickers whilst in the house, she never did anything. I asked her to put a nappy on when we went out and she said she wanted to continue wearing her 'big girl pants'. We went out, she had 1 accident whilst playing with her friend (prob my fault as hadn't reminded her through lunch)

She had no accidents on Sunday but asked for a nappy to do a poo. She had 2 accidents at nursery yesterday but did do a wee on the toilet before bed. Did nothing in her nappy over night. Did a wee this morning on the toilet. Has had no accidents yet today but again asked for a nappy to do a poo in.

I am so pleased for her and me. I hope that by me waiting until she was ready we have done it really painlessly.

I've always been told the later you leave it the quicker they 'get it'. I hope it's true and not beginners luck.

What with her constipation, I'm not surprised she want's the comfort of a nappy, I hope it doesn't last too long though

Sugarmag Thu 12-May-05 10:20:52

Well done to both of you!

MrsBigD Fri 13-May-05 19:51:15

congratulations! Well done to both of you.

My dd 3.4y was fine for potty training regarding peeing but she wanted a nappy for poos for ages, which was getting quite frustrating, as she'd also do the screaming/crying as soon as I dared suggesting that she might want to try it on the toilet. We only broke that habit a week ago and she now very proudly goes poopoo on the potty but pp on the toilet... go figure! But I think you're right, the older they are the easier it's to talk to them and they'll actually understand

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