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please help i am having major issues with potty training

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mummyemily Mon 01-Jun-09 20:18:55

Hi havent been on in ages! (sorry)
I am at my wits end with trying to potty train,
my son Jake will be three in July about a month ago i decided to take the plunge a started potty training, for the first 2 weeks we were doinig really well with new pants and big claps and happy faces when he used the potty, i asked him to sit on the potty every hour or so increasing it to every couple of hours and he was staying dry 99% of the time the last couple of weeks we have gone backwards, i ask him to sit on the potty and he will say he doesnt need a wee then sometimes 2 minutes later he is wet! i know he has bladder control because he stays dry and preschool the 2 afternoon hes there, he stays dry through his afternoon nap and we have been out shopping and in the car for up to 2 hours and he stays dry it is just when we are at home! also since day one he will not poo in the potty or toliet he seems quite happy to have it in his pants he just doesnt seem bothered! i have tried no clothes on at all and he will hold it till bed time when he has a nappy on or waits for me to put pants on (if we are going out)
I dont know if i should stop or persist but how can i break this habbit any ideas would be gratefully recieved
thank you

wrinklytum Mon 01-Jun-09 20:27:50

Actually I think he sounds as if he is doing fairly well if he is being dry when going out and about.Are the wee accidents just occasional?.Potty training is very stressful and maybe he is picking up on your stress a little when he is at home.While the weather is hot and you are at home maybe you could leave pants off,and leave potty in the room/garden and show him where it is and say "Here's your potty if you need a wee".I used to read books to ds when he sat on the potty so he associated it with doing something fun.Just a thought.Re poos.IME it often takes longer to potty train themwith regard to pooing.Keep at it and it will all fall into place eventually.

mummyemily Mon 01-Jun-09 20:34:43

Thank you i will keep trying! the last week the wee accidents are a couple of times aday i dont know if i am just expecting too much of him!he was just soo well maybe i am being a bit pushysmile

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