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Anyone potty training today? Want to share the trials and tribulations?

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mcnoodle Fri 15-Feb-08 11:44:11

I'm sure DS (2.7) is more than ready but have been putting it off as long as possible. Today is the day I bite the bullet.

I sneaked out in lunch break yesterday and bought:

2 potty's
1 loo seat things
12 pairs of pants
2 pairs tracksuit bottoms
Some fab 'Cars' stamps (combining DS favourite loves - 'Cars' and stamps)

So far we have had 3 wees on potty (woot, holler, high fives), 2 wees on floor.

Am calm, but bored to death. Want to go out and do stuff!

Is it ok to have Cbeebies marathon when potty training!?

Jazzicatz Fri 15-Feb-08 11:47:48

Yes - anything that gets you through the first few days. I have just got my 3 yr old ds and he picked it up quickly. My first ds was a nightmare - and had this thing about doing it in the garden. Be as laid back as you can but stay in for the first few days.

mcnoodle Fri 15-Feb-08 12:03:24

Another successful strike!

He's doing really well.

Have got a friend coming this afternoon to relieve the tedium.

Ds has afternoon nap - think will have to put a nappy on for that?

Jazzicatz Fri 15-Feb-08 12:31:25

Oh bless him - its great when they get it eh?

I put a nappy on when ds sleeps - but most nights he is dry.

Bluebutterfly Fri 15-Feb-08 12:49:48

I have been potty training ds (just turned 3) for what feels like FOREVER!!!!!!!!! (ok, 2 months)

He is ok at using the potty much of the time, but when he forgets he forgets big time.

He forgot today. And did. The biggest. Messiest. Poo......

in his brand new "winnie the pooh" underpants.

It was all over his clothes, the bathroom and ds's legs.

The are few things that I hate more about parenting than potty training. grin

Oh, but good luck btw! (Fortunately all children are different, so you may be spared the difficulties that my lo has presented me with in this department - he is probably the most stubborn little boy I have ever met and I say that in all honesty despite the fact that I adore him, because it has made some aspects of the potty training ordeal more difficult)

mcnoodle Fri 15-Feb-08 12:55:49

I am a bit concerned that he won't 'get' poos. He has only EVER pooed standing up and needs to be clinging onto the coffee table to do it hmm. Not sure that he will want to do it sitting down - but am not going to out a nappy on. We have lovely easy to clean floor, so will deal with the fallout [literally].

Bluebutterfly - you poor thing - DS is my first so I have a lovely naive 'it#ll all be ok' approach to it! Am not expecting it to last.

Right, nap-time. Nappy on and a huge sigh of relief!

Thanks for support.

Nettee Fri 15-Feb-08 16:01:15

Hello McNoodle - I have been shopping today too - stickers, sticker charts, chocolate buttons and mini eggs. I already have two pottys, two loo seats and lots of pants with Fireman Sam and Thomas the Tank engine on them. DS is 2.11 and has only ever once - at least 6 months ago - done a poo on the potty and never a wee. But we are going cold turkey with no more nappies in the day from Monday. I am not feeling very optamistic to be honest but you have to try these things I think. Have been back in washable nappies for a week but DS has not been commenting on feeling wet.

Sounds like your DS is doing well with 3 hits on his first morning. Will watch with interest to hear how your weekend goes - We are not going anywhere either - half term and all that.

chocolateshoes Fri 15-Feb-08 19:29:39

Hello! I'm starting today too. Started after lunchtime nap as wanted him to be able to go to toddler group this morning. 1 wee in loo, 2 on floor, and he saved his poo til I put his nappy on for bed!
DS is 2.7 and not at all motivated by stickers - rewrded loo wee with a date which pleaesd him greatly.
Good luck everyone - glasd I'm not the only one doing this!

toomanyshoes Fri 15-Feb-08 19:40:55

We started DD on monday (she is 2.10) and have only had 1 wee accident (day 1) and 1 poo accident (today) so far. Am v relieved! I have a 7 week old DS so was worried it would be a nightmare. We give her a sticker every time she uses the loo and when she gets 5 stickers she gets a treat (chocolate usually!)
Had a fun moment in Matalan car park today with the potty on the passenger seat though! Oh the glamour of motherhood grin
Good luck everybody!

chocolateshoes Fri 15-Feb-08 19:59:09

Wow that impressive TMS!

toomanyshoes Fri 15-Feb-08 20:57:00

It's better than I thought it would be but i am sure that if I had done it a couple of months ago it would have been a disaster. Just think she is really ready. I'm not feeling too pleased with myself though as no guarantees the novelty won't just wear off!
To be honest I'm more impressed at you having a child who is motivated by dates!! grin DD is totally obsessed with chocolate, dunno where she gets that from wink

chocolateshoes Fri 15-Feb-08 21:01:43

LOL! Its true that DS will do anything for a date! I hate them!
Hopefully tommorrow wil go ok. We only have an upstairs loo so not relishing spending most of the day loitering near the bathroom! DS not too keen on the potty & much prfers the loo. hmm

chocolateshoes Sat 16-Feb-08 13:07:00

How is evryone doing so far today?
Ds has done 2 wees in loo when asked if he needed to, plus 1 accident. No poo as yet - am expecting 1 in nappy during lunchtime nap!

BroccoliSpears Sat 16-Feb-08 17:34:28

We're not really potty training because she's a bit young. She's very keen though so we've got a couple of pottys, some knickers and some stickers.

She just had her first poo in the potty.

Question: What is the best method for wiping bottoms after a poo? It's very much easier when they're lying on a mat with frog legs! What do you do?

chocolateshoes Sat 16-Feb-08 18:43:12

Don't really know the answer. The poo is certainly less squashed around his bottom if he has done it on the loo so is generally easier to clean. I'm trying to get DS to lean forward but he won't have it so so far have just been trying to get a good wipe round everywhere but it isn't easy. So I'm glad you asked & hope someone else comes up with the answer!

toomanyshoes Sat 16-Feb-08 18:58:24

i get DD to touch her toes! She thinks its fun, bit like playing simon says grin Took her to a party at a soft play today and no accidents - its a miracle!

chocolateshoes Sat 16-Feb-08 19:02:57

Wow TMS - I am so envious envy. This afternoon DS has had 1 accident and done nothing on the loo. He has pretty much stopped all poos & wees! He sat on the loo for what seemed like ages but to no avail.

toomanyshoes Sat 16-Feb-08 22:45:24

hmm, more dates? grin I swear the reason for her success is purely her chocolate obsession. On the plus side she will be out of nappies but on the down side she will be obese with blackened stumps where her teeth used to be.
Not sure when I'm supposed to stop bribing her and just expect her to use the toilet without stickers/treats. She's not going to like it...

chocolateshoes Sun 17-Feb-08 10:14:47

I always wondered how we wean them off the loo rewards...1 accident so far todat, no loo. Matbe he's just not ready for this. Or maybe I need to get down to the newsagents for some choc buttons!

bonkerz Sun 17-Feb-08 10:21:26

potty training here too although think DD has cracked it TBH and the only reason im using pullups is cos im lazy! She is only 26months and is doing brilliantly in house BUT goes constantly when out and about! The other day despite wearing a pullup she actually squatted and did a wee on a footpath....i was mortified!!! HAve now started to take a potty plus nappy sacks and sanitary towels out with me so she can wee on potty in bag/pad and i can tie up bag a dispose of wee more effectively! She is ok for her day time nap and is dry the whole time and has now started protesting about nappy at bed time but im not ready to lose that one yet!

chocolateshoes Sun 17-Feb-08 13:03:11

Well done Bonkerz you DD is doing amazingly!

Well have now bought choc buttons! We have had 2 successful wees & 1 accident. Again am expecting a poo in his nappy during nap. Still not sure how much progress we're making and how long to persevere......

shoptilidrop Sun 17-Feb-08 13:17:01

i started potty training dd, who is just 2,3 days ago. First two days it was awful, wee everywhere, although she did manage to do poos on the pot. Since yesterday lunchtime however, we have had about an 80% hit rate for wees on the pot! I am relieved to say the least. She had one accident today but that was becuase i was in the shower. Tomorrow after noon will be the first time we venture out of the house, and shes going to the childminders, so we might not do so well then!

chocolateshoes Sun 17-Feb-08 14:02:54

sounds good STD! Is she going to the potty of her own accord? Any successes we have had so far are because I've suggested to DS that he sit on the loo for a bit. From what I've read its the 3rd or 4th day where you have to begin to leave it to them to go on their own.

Good luck tomorrow!

shoptilidrop Sun 17-Feb-08 17:49:03

yes she is. She will not sit on the potty at all if she doesnt need to go. I just keep reminding her every 20 mins or so. Shes just done another poo and a wee on the pot, and in front of her grandma and grandad. Im not using any reward other than clapping and cheers. I did have star charts and choc buttons at the ready but tbh she isnt really interested in them. Shes clapping herself once shes done a wee, so thats when i know shes done something too... Its working quite well at the momment. Am a bit worried about how she will get on tomorrow, but we have got to venture out sometime! LOL.

How are you getting on today?

ElizabethsMother Sun 17-Feb-08 18:30:11

My daughter is 27 months. She is not scared of the potty or toilet as she has been sitting on it since she was 15 months of her own free choosing and saying all the right words. She plays with her dolls and their potty but flatly refuses to do a wee or pooh on either the potty or toilet! She will hold it and ask to have a nappy on and then she will go,.She gets very upset and angry and throws a complete paddy when she is desperate. Twice I have kept her sat there and we have had wees in the potty and toilet but she is adament against it. She will tell me when she has soiled or wet her nappy. What do I do?

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