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Nighttime tips

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Catworrier Tue 30-Jun-20 22:54:59

Hey. So looking for a little guidance here on what has helped you best with potty training at night.

My LO has started to remove his own nappy through the night but wakes up with accidents. He's also asked to go without a nappy tonight so we are embracing his decision (3.5yrs).

I've done the layers of mattress protector/bedsheet/nappy training pad/bedsheet to make it easier to deal with in the night but what else helped you?

Do you keep the bathroom lit up for them and a potty out? Do you wake them to help? I have no siblings or friends with young ones so apart from the NCT results on google, I'd like some real life hints and tips. Fully aware that one rule won't work for others. But after a huge bout of PND I'd like to make this as easy as possible for both of us xx

Catworrier Thu 02-Jul-20 00:01:46

Can anyone recommend anything?

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