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Potty training with possible SEN/development delay

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DreamingofSunshine Sun 28-Jun-20 22:00:27

DS is about to turn 3. I've tried potty training twice with no luck but feeling pressure from nursery and family to potty train now he's 3.

He can't say if he needs to wee/poo, can sort of pull up his trousers but not pull them down. He's got a speech delay and is in the process of being assessed for a developmental delay/dyspraxia/SEN.

I have next week off work with half a mind to potty train but I don't know if he's ready.

I read oh crap but it just made me feel like a rubbish parent because I've missed her window and her comments about staying at home for two days with your own child shouldn't be a big deal (I have severe MH issues made worse by staying at home all day).

Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.

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DreamingofSunshine Wed 01-Jul-20 19:43:19

Hopeful bump

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