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Help, suddenly not pooping on potty

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MissPepper8 Wed 17-Jun-20 11:36:58

My son is 3 next month, we started potty training 3 months ago now, my DM annoyingly started it when I was giving birth to my second baby but DS took to it quite quickly with stickers ect.

So he's been fab, he wees and tells us when he needs to wee/poop and we've even manage to do take him to the loo when shopping. We are in pants in the house (except for bed) if I take him out I stick a pull up on but like I say 99% of the time he asks to go and is dry when we get home.

So this week we've had total poop regression, he usually goes no issue and is quite proud wants to take it to the loo. We've had accidents in pants near every day, but today was a new level, he pooed on the floor and walked it through the house. My DH was with him working but he was in eye view and I was with baby upstairs.

I'm wondering if I need to reel it back, start again with praise, stickers again ect as we stopped the stickers and treats.

Please tell me this is normal? I even thought he might be constipated and holding it in, but it doesn't look like constipation. I'm so gutted he was doing amazing.

Is my best bet to start like before? Praise, stickers ect for poops again?

Thank you

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MissPepper8 Wed 17-Jun-20 11:38:34

The other bit to this I forgot to add is, he is pooing himself mainly when I'm upstairs or baby on me. I think I'm just gonna have to get down with him really early and stick baby in their chair.

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