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I'm at my wits end now!! 3 and half and still doesn't want to know!

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Louisa111 Sat 13-Jun-20 16:02:38

I honestly don't know what to do.. I thought my dd was hard enough to train but my 3 year old ds is a nightmare. He was quite happily using the potty just before Xmas ( only when he wanted to though ) but now it's turned into a full on power struggle.

Won't use the potty, not interested in the toilet. When we do put him in big boy pants he just pees himself and it doesn't bother him in the slightest .. trying again tomorrow after a 2 week break but it's stressing me out. Would love him to start at my daughters school nursery sept which he has to be dry to go.. I've already delayed him by 6 months and kept him in preschool until lockdown .. I just feel it's getting embarrassing now sadblush

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kmoreilly Sat 13-Jun-20 20:51:41

Girls usually train before boys, it is about maturity. Fighting your boy to train is a loosing battle. You being stressed and trying to do it to a deadline is not going to work. At the moment, your boy does not see the need to use a potty. Most would react to the cold and wetness from cloth, but your son doesn't. As a result, I suggest that you give him time - let him settle again into the nappies for a week or two, but include the full baby treatment for a 6 month old. After that, show him the other option which includes big boy toys, potty, etc.

You should not be embarrassed. It is not you that is in the nappies... it is your son who does not want to make the transition.

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