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What language is a sign of readiness?

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Willow4987 Sat 13-Jun-20 04:27:54

I keep reading that language is a sign of readiness?

My 22 month old is showing some signs (knows when he’s done a poo and tells me, hiding) but not others (can’t verbally articulate this, can’t undress himself)

I’ve read that having a certain level of language is needed - but what specifically? He’s saying about 30 words (some more consistently than others), has good comprehension of what I’m saying and can carry out small tasks. He’s also beginning to identify colours (although this is hit and miss)

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The8thMonth Sat 13-Jun-20 05:13:11

I think potty training is more about whether you are ready to do it than the child. You need patience, repetition and time.

You also need to understand what potty training means to you. At 2 years old, it's about you remembering to take them (and seeing signs they may need to go) and helping them. If you want them to do this on their own, then maybe wait till they are older.

It sounds like he has plenty of words and would quickly learn the potty words he needs to tell you he needs to go.

I trained all my 3 children either from 2 years old or earlier depending on the time I had to dedicate to it.

Just finished with my youngest during lock down. He's 21 months old and we started at 19 months. So took two months. We have not had any accidents in a while and he will often tell us he needs to go.

You can always start and if it's not working, stop and try again in a months time.

Good luck!! Everyone gets there in the end

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