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Going backwards on day 5

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hmyh23 Fri 05-Jun-20 15:49:09

Just to add, the grumpy moods coincide with her being knackered- a regular problem because she won't sleep through the day unless in the car or buggy which obviously I've not been able to do this week as I've not wanted to put a nappy on her. She stopped napping in her cot at about 20 months, no matter what we tried she would just scream the house down until we got her up again.

Sorry if it all sounds negative it's just I feel like I've made so many mistakes with her and I'm getting worried about her behaviour. She behaves much better for grandparents or when her dad is around so not sure if she just dislikes me or is jealous of her brother?!

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hmyh23 Fri 05-Jun-20 15:41:45

Hi All,

Started on Monday with my daughter 2yrs 4 months. Day 1 had 1 successful wee and numerous misses but she was happy to go on the porty. Day 2 similar but in a grumpy mood generally so hard work. Day 3 seemed to click and by the end of the day she was taking herself to the potty happily. Day 4 amazing, only 3 accidents all day and was taking herself to the potty no problem before she actually started to wee and poo.

Today is day 5, first thing this morning I took her night time nappy off and she walked to the potty un prompted for a wee. She has had 2 successful small poos on the potty. Other than that first one, every single wee has been on the floor, other than the last drops as I've lifted her onto the potty. She has been in a grumpy mood all day shouting 'no potty' so I feel as if she is doing this on purpose as a bit of a power struggle. I hope this doesn't sound ridiculous, she is extremely stubborn and strong willed on absolutely everything.

I just don't know what has gone wrong! I also have an 8 month old who screams every time he is put down so the combination of constantly cleaning up piss and the toddler tantrums and baby screaming and being trapped in the house all week is getting me down. I don't feel like I should give up after she seemed to be doing so well yesterday, just wondered if anyone here has been through similar?

Should add she has had a bare bum all week, I did try to put knickers on her at the start of the week but she was having huge tantrums over it so I just left it. She didn't show any signs of readiness but huge tantrums with every nappy change including kicking, scratching and often banging her head is what made me start training.

We have been using a sticker chart which she was very excited about Mon/Tues but doesn't really care about since. I'm not making a fuss about cleaning up, just saying 'oh dear, never mind' and getting on with it (internally screaming hahaha).

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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