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Potty training help please

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Mummykate01 Tue 02-Jun-20 20:32:31

So to give the back story my toddler is 2 and half. We started potty training at 2 as he was showing all the signs. He did brilliant for first 6 weeks. Very few accidents and would run to use the potty when he needed both pee and poo. Then he got tummy bug followed by urine infection and since then completely regressed. I get this is normal but it was months ago now and we seen little improvement.

If I take him to the toilet/potty every couple of hours he will go and have few accidents but if I forget or I leave the room to do something for my 9 month old even for a minute he will pee or poo. This is what happens the most often- it seems to me related to my attention. He has full bladder control as he can hold it for hours espically when we are out and about or doing something he enjoys and he can also pee in protest when he doesn’t get his own way..

We have tried everything! We took advice from health visitor who said to make toilet time fun and use things like slime/playroom etc to play with. She thought he had lost his motivation and confidence after the big . We saw a change for 2 days when we did this and he started asking to go again and had one accident I think but then after 2 days he’s stopped asking again and back to square one. It seems totally dependant on his mood whether he will have accidents.

We have tried sticker rewards - including of Fireman Sam who is his favourite.
Bribery with chocolate.
We have tried leaving him naked from waist down too. But despite all this he will never say he needs.

We give him lots of praise when he goes in toilet/potty and never get angry or give him a row when he has an accident.

I am really not sure what to do next it’s getting really frustrating and I understand it will take time for him to get there. However we are going through some day’s like 10 plus pairs of trousers. He refuses to wear pull up or nappies now and only wants pants. So going back to nappies is not an option.

Will it just be he will only stay dry if I take him to to toilet every 2 hours and one day just start asking me to go himself ?? Is there anything I can do about accidents when I leave the room?

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nappyfree Wed 03-Jun-20 15:06:15

Sorry to hear you are going through this.
My advice would be to keep taking him every couple of hours - not initiating doesn't mean he's not toilet trained. He will get there.
About accidents when you leave the room: it seems this is very much related to getting attention from you. Could you find some time, without baby sibling just for him? Also, get hem to help you clean up after every accident - let him do everything: getting clean pants, taking wet ones off, taking them to the laundry bin, drying up, etc. This is not a punishment but a correction of a mistake. He will soon realise it's better to go to the toilet than to stop play for 20 mins to help clean.

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