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Wee accidents when laughing

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Poppywood Mon 01-Jun-20 07:04:35

2.5 year old is pretty much potty trained in day. But she has little accidents when she laughs really hard. Is this normal whilst she's still getting to grips with bladder control.
It is totally out of her control and it surprises her that she has had a little wee.
I stupidly googled it and it says that giggle incontinence in children is a serious issue and some end up needing surgery.

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Ohnoherewego62 Mon 01-Jun-20 07:09:47

Does she know when she needs to go or do you have to prompt her?

LucyLocketsPocket Mon 01-Jun-20 07:17:19

I don't know anything about this but just to let you know, neither of mine did this so probably worth getting her checked out. Hope it all turns out ok.

wedding2021 Mon 01-Jun-20 07:18:24

I've never heard of this and mine didn't do this. I'd get it checked with the doctors.

Poppywood Mon 01-Jun-20 07:39:31

Thanks for responding. I was afraid that would be what people say.

I do still have to prompt her most of the time, but aside from the little accidents when laughing which happen maybe 3 times a week, she doesn't have any accidents - I think she mostly just holds it until we pop her on the potty and then she just goes.

When she laughs and has a little leak though it's definitely not in her control - like it surprises her.

She has diplegic cerebral palsy and can't stand or walk, I'm not sure whether that could effect it. We have her next paediatrician appointment in a couple of weeks so will bring it up then.

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MsChatterbox Mon 01-Jun-20 08:04:42

Hopefully it's nothing too serious for you. Horrible to have anything to worry about. Good luck for the appointment!

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