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Teething and potty training

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Rubyroost Sat 30-May-20 16:26:55

He's just got a tooth coming through, not the end of the world. Keep on with the potty and the consistency.

ArtichokeAardvark Tue 26-May-20 08:36:14

I've been potty training DS (26months) for about 3 weeks now and he was doing really well. We used Oh Crap method and have had hardly any accidents since day 3, and he even occasionally went to use the potty unprompted. Hooray, I'm thinking.

However, two days ago he had a high fever (39.4) and looked so unwell that I put him back in a nappy. He'd done one pee on the sofa already without realising it, and I didn't think it was fair to expect him to use the potty when he was feeling terrible. The temp returned to normal by lunchtime yesterday but I had him in a nappy for the day just in case.

Today, he's bouncing around like normal, temperature fine, but complaining about sore teeth. I checked his mouth and yup, there's a nice molar popping through at the back which explains the fever (he springs a temperature with every tooth, but this was insane). As he seems so well, I've removed his nappy again but he's fighting using the potty and has already had an accident in his pyjamas.

Should I put a nappy back on him? I really don't want to start over when it was going so well but perhaps I'm being unreasonable to expect him to use the potty when teething?

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