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Potty training but wees only

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RB2018 Sun 24-May-20 11:02:34

So I started potty training but he just wasn't interested so I left if a week and started again. Within a day he wee in the potty and would take himself off to the potty when he needed to go. Sometimes I wouldn't even realise he had until he called me. But he will only wee on the potty without anything on. If I put training pants on he would treat it like a nappy and just go. Sometimes he will tell me after he had been. He will poo on the lino but again tell me after. I have tried all the actions on the potty when he goes a poo I have put the poo in the potty so he knows it can go in their. Any advice with the pooing and understanding that he needs to pull his pants down to go or just keep going until he registers - thank you

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