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Seriously struggling

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mamablondie2 Tue 19-May-20 14:22:46

Have been potty training for three weeks, my DD1 is doing fine with wees but holding in poo and then have loads of accidents when she finally goes.

She is also constantly telling me she needs to go, which results in multiple trips to the bathroom with her doing nothing. To top it off I’m pregnant and struggling to keep going upstairs for all this. I’m at breaking point, regretting even starting now because it seems too hard to put her back in nappies after she’s done so well weeing.

I feel like this is taking over everything we have barely played today, just spent what feels like hours in the bathroom. Please help I don’t know what to do x

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WotnoPasta Tue 19-May-20 14:25:54

Honestly, give up just now and take a break. Usually if they are readY they will get it mostly right fairly quickly. You can try again in a little while.

pottypotamus Tue 19-May-20 15:45:17

How old is your dd1?
My mum kept pushing me to potty train ds1 as soon as he was 1.5 years old. But I waited because I didn't think he was ready. Then a year later at 2.5 years old, he wanted to wear paw patrol pants and used to get upset if they got pee pee on them and was potty trained within a week. So definitely one for waiting till they are ready. I would leave it in your case, for your sanity and try again in 3 months maybe.

I am currently trying to potty train dd1, she's just turned 2 years old. And on day 1 of leaving her bare bummed the whole day. I'm pregnant too and have almost thrown in the pee soaked towel but will persevere a little longer.

mamablondie2 Tue 19-May-20 17:03:31

@pottypotamus I think it’s the pregnancy that is the biggest issue if I’m honest because I would have more stamina. I’m not one to give up easily and she’s come a really long way which makes it harder to give in.

She’s not even 2 yet but I just feel in my gut that this is right for her she was showing every sign of readiness before we started and is a lot more verbal than most of her peers (nursery’s view not just my bias).

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mamansnet Tue 19-May-20 17:05:48

Do you know the Poo Goes To Pooland app? Worked wonders for us!

PlatoAteMySnozcumber Tue 19-May-20 17:20:13

If it takes three weeks or more then I can’t see how she is ready. I see loads of threads battling this for weeks but honestly, I think if they are ready they will get it in days rather than weeks. I would go back to nappies. There isn’t much point focusing on the fact she is good with wees if poos are proving so problematic. She can always have pull ups and still wee on the toilet if she wants.

Mascotte Tue 19-May-20 17:21:37

Just leave it. She's really young. It will happen! Just not yet.

pottypotamus Tue 19-May-20 19:24:58

I know what you mean, being pregnant and stressed out and hormonal will add a whole new kind of sucky balls to the whole thing.

My dd has just turned 2 and the reason I am trying with her is because her nappies are dry all night and during naps and she does massive wees in the potty upon waking. This is only because we put her on it.

I don't think your dc is too young to potty train, but if it's taking weeks, it might be better for your sanity to try again in a few months. I'm considering the same if I don't get anywhere in the next week.

TwistyHair Tue 19-May-20 19:28:04

@mamablondie2 we’re in the exact same position as you! It’s a total nightmare. Not sure if you’ve seen from the lockdown thread that I’ve put her back in pull ups and she’s on laxatives. So we’re now doing part nappies and part pants. Pants until she needs a poo. Then into pull-ups. It’s taken all the stress out of it. And she’s still doing wees in the toilet despite having pull ups on. We were also having hours in the bathroom and up and down the stairs loads.

SparkyBlue Tue 19-May-20 19:31:19

She's not ready. Honestly I've gone through it with two children and when they are ready no actual "training " is involved. They have to really understand what it's about and then it clicks and you are sorted. My DD was two and my DS was three and a half. And with my DD I had a newborn and she was absolutely fine potty training. Basically some other children that she played with in her daycare were wearing nice undies and no nappies so that was that for her but my DS didn't give two hoots about what other children were doing so it didn't click for a lot longer with him.

regalmama Mon 08-Jun-20 15:05:47

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Hoggleludo Mon 08-Jun-20 15:41:45

She's really young

I would take a break. When she's good and ready. She'll do it.

It took my eldest dd 4 months to potty train. It took my youngest dd. 24 hrs. But then she had her sister to watch

I really would give up now. Just for a while. My friends child wore a nappy in the day till she started school. Some kids just don't get it.

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