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2 year old toilet trained herself now refuses?

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masonverger Sun 10-May-20 00:23:56

So a few weeks ago, my dd literally took me to the toilet, took her nappy off and said she needed to pee pee. I was gobsmacked, since then that was it, refused to wear a nappy, and would poo and wee. Even at night time after a few dry nights she refused to have a nappy on, woke up once, I took her to the toilet then back to sleep. I thought I hit the toilet training jackpot because she did it all herself!!

She turned 2 last week.
Since Monday she's refused point blank and will cry for a nappy. Like she woke up screaming for a nappy, and since Monday she won't go to the toilet at all. Proper regressed.

I'm really confused?? Did she have a nightmare that has scarred her?

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