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Should we stop and try again in a few weeks?

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Cookeveryday Thu 07-May-20 10:13:01

DD is 2 in a couple of weeks. Read the start of oh crap as decided to give it a go last Sunday. Watched her all Sunday and put her on the potty when she started seeing or pooing. At the very end of th day she sat on the potty and did a wee. Felt very hopeful. The next day mostly accidents again and then a poo in the potty. Looked like we were heading in the right direction but since then she's had no wees or poos in the potty unless I've happened to be right next to her and flung her onto it. There's no signal that it's about to happen. As she starts weeing she'll announce 'oh no wee, mummy!'

Should I out her back in nappies for a few more weeks and then try again or persevere? I've got DD4months so can't watch 24/7 like oh crap recommends.

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