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21 months old and holding wee

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Smilingthru Sun 03-May-20 10:09:10

My 21 months old DD is showing all the signs of being ready to potty train so on Wednesday we tried. 13 wees on the potty and one accident. She could wee when asked and by the end of the day was taking herself when she felt the need to go. Great! Thought we’d crack this in a few days.

Day 2-bedtime nappy off at a 7am. She did a few dribbles on the potty when asked but was not happy about it and basically ignored the potty. By 2pm she so desperate she was virtually in tears. Jiggling around, holding herself and saying wee wee but would not go on the potty! I ended up putting a pull up on because she was almost in pain that she was that desperate. Within minutes the pull up was full of wee and she cried she’d done it in her nappy and demanded the potty for the last dribble and then a new pull up.

And this is where we’re at now. She will now happily sit on the potty but won’t wee unless in a pull up. As soon as she wee she demands a new pull up and is upset.

We’ve tried rewards of all types, distracting her on the potty, leaving her on it when she’s happy. Letting her run around naked but she will just hold
it until in a nappy. Then cry that she’s weed in a nappy.

I’m at a loss! Any ideas??


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tiredanddangerous Sun 03-May-20 10:17:41

Put the potty away and try again in a couple of months op. It isn’t worth the upset at 21 months.

TooSadToSay Sun 03-May-20 10:21:11

Perhaps just do some nappy free time each day and if she even sits on the potty give her loads of praise? At this age it will take more time. People potty train much later now than our parents, hence the expectation that it will only take a day or two.

Smilingthru Sun 03-May-20 10:37:32

I have had this exact thought @tiredanddangerous . My first potty trained a whole year later than her so it seems very early but equally she was willing on day one. I think ur right though x

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Smilingthru Sun 03-May-20 10:38:44

@TooSadToSay we’ve done loads of praise; even a chocolate from granddads tin when she’s even just sat on it but she still won’t go. Naked time she just holds it until I put a pull up on.

It’s just confusing that she did so well on day one and is now like “nope! Not any more!” 😂😂

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