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Day 2 - holding in wee. Help!

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mamablondie2 Sun 03-May-20 08:47:11

We are following Oh Crap! and are on day 2 of Block 1. We had some success yesterday as my daughter did a poo on the potty with no issues.

We increased fluids and she was weeing a lot, the only wee in the potty was when we caught her mid-stream so we have decided to persevere with Block 1 for today/tomorrow until she can wee on her own.

Anyway, this morning she has yet to wee at all. We are back to usual fluid intake and she is beginning to show signs of needing to wee but I think she may be holding it in. Anyone know why this is? It’s not a fear of the potty itself because she did the poo on her own and she does sit on it quite willingly at other times (when she doesn’t need to go).

Any advice appreciated as always! Thanks x

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