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Nighttime dryness- when and how?

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JimmyJam2019 Fri 01-May-20 13:41:00

My dd is 4 in July. She is fully toilet trained in the day and has been for well over a year.
However, we have never had a dry nappy in the morning, which I believe is a sign that they are ready to go without at night.
She drinks (only milk or water) and wees regularly during the day and in the run up to bedtime at 7 has some water with her tea at 5 and a small cup of milk before bedtime routine kicks in.
She goes to the toilet as part of her bedtime routine but in the morning her overnight nappy is hanging off her, it's so full, sometimes she wakes up wet when it has overflowed.
Where do we go to from here?

Bubblysqueak Fri 01-May-20 13:42:43

Overnight dryness is based on hormones so you can't train children to be dry overnight, you just have to wait until they are ready.

lorisparkle Fri 01-May-20 13:52:27

Being wet at night is not considered a problem until about 8 years old,

It is due to the sufficient release of a specific hormone which is outside of a child's control

However there are things that can help....

Avoiding black currant drinks, and caffeine drinks (e.g. coke)
Drinking lots during the day (about 7 good cups)
Not drinking the hour or so before bed
Making it easy to go to the toilet at night (potty in room, night light on landing, etc)

Otherwise I would just stick with the pull ups for a while yet.

If there is still no progress with pull ups after a year or so then try without them for a couple of weeks.

I found it got to a point that pull ups were not really working anyway so we just double made the bed, used waterproof coverings, etc

With DS1 we saw the school nurse, then GP and then specialist continence nurse at around 8/9 years. We used medication then an alarm and he was dry at 10

Ds2 was dry at 3

Ds3 we just used the alarm at about 8 years and he was dry after a couple of months

A fab charity is EPIC who have a good website with information

QforCucumber Fri 01-May-20 13:55:17

Ds was 4 last month. 3 days ago he said I dont want a bedtime nappy anymore mummy, and has had 3 dry nights. I'm just going with his lead. He was day trained around a year ago.

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