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Should we continue?

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mamablondie2 Sun 26-Apr-20 18:55:38


My daughter is 22 months and we thought with lockdown we would have a go at potty training, I’m also pregnant and just would love to have her nappy free before baby. That said, I don’t want to force it if she’s not ready so just hoping someone can help if I describe where we are at.

We have started to introduce the potty after breakfast, after nap and before her bath. She has had wees before bath and this morning we plonked her on in time to do a poo and get lots of praise; which she followed up with a very near miss - I took this as a positive.

However in the afternoon she was reluctant to even sit on it. I don’t feel like we are making progress really, but I don’t know if I’m just expecting too much. I find the whole process very overwhelming and would really appreciate some advice. Thanks in advance x

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Msfoxy17 Sun 26-Apr-20 19:01:07

Hey. Slightly different situation as our daughter was 2.5 years old when we recently pottery trained her (so a good few months older) however I think you're doing this at the right time..
We followed the method advised by the 'Oh crap' author and it worked really well. Maybe have a look?

MissClarke86 Sun 26-Apr-20 19:03:41

I would say I’d she’s not getting it, she’s not ready, and I wouldn’t push it too early.

Potty/toilet training goes on for blinking ages even when they’re ready, and is more hassle than just changing a nappy so I’d personally not worry too much, have the potty out in case she wants to use it and she pull ups so she can pull them down, and then just wait for her to be ready.

MissClarke86 Sun 26-Apr-20 19:04:13

Sorry typos but you get the gist!

Msfoxy17 Sun 26-Apr-20 19:04:37

Meant to say that according to the author..20-30 months is the perfect window. It's more of a ' go right in' approach in the sense that you completely take nappies away (during day) and stagger naked/commando/pants..

CherryPavlova Sun 26-Apr-20 19:07:49

She’s really quite young to be fully trained. I’d be tempted to wait a few months.

TwistyHair Sun 26-Apr-20 19:10:18

There’s a potty training during lockdown thread. A few of us are doing it if you wanna join

mamablondie2 Sun 26-Apr-20 19:21:32

@CherryPavlova can I just ask when you say ‘fully trained’ what would an inbetween be? Do we put it all away completely or is there a way of continuing to test the water without it just becoming meaningless? Thanks

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mamablondie2 Sun 26-Apr-20 19:24:17

@Msfoxy17 people keep recommending this, can you give me an outline please? The Gina Ford one has a pre stage which she’s done well at (basically going with us to the bathroom and sitting on the potty clothed), stage 1 which is what we have been doing and then stage 2 where it’s a full day of sitting them on every 20 mins or so. It made sense when I read it so I genuinely do wonder if she’s just not ready x

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mamablondie2 Sun 26-Apr-20 19:26:06

@Msfoxy17 apologies just read your follow up post. So should she be commando all day long and is this from the very start? Ford says to take nappy off three times a day at the times I stated but I did wonder if maybe this is just confusing her

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CherryPavlova Sun 26-Apr-20 20:02:57

Sorry unclear comment. I think 22 months is quite young to be trained. I think leaving it a bit longer makes it easier. You’ve the whole summer ahead, so time enough.
Partially trained isn’t really a thing, you’re right. Maybe keep a potty available or let them watch you to help understanding but no pressure just yet. It just becomes stressful for everyone.

regalmama Mon 08-Jun-20 14:56:20

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