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4.5 year old starting having poo accidents and smearing

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MaidofMuswell Sat 25-Apr-20 17:44:21

DS was pretty much sorted on toilet training from three and half bar pull ups at night and odd skid mark from realising he needed to go too late. Since lockdown which I think is part and possibly all of it we’ve had a series of accidents where he not only doesn’t get to loo but poos on floor or picks it out of pants and has smeared on our bed / walls / today the sofa.

He’s normally perfectly happy but am sure is at least bored and maybe beneath the surface also anxious at the loss of his pre school and seeing friends and so forth and we’ve been very understanding and telling him not to worry but really getting dressed now - any tips?!

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nappyfree Wed 06-May-20 13:41:35

Hi, I'm sorry to hear that, it sounds stressful to have a regression now and also having to clean up. I would highly recommend you speak to a specialist on this - probably not what you want to hear, but smearing is actually a sign of unresolved deep feelings/emotions - it could be anger, anxiety, etc.
Children wouldn't normally do this out of boredom. Good luck and hope it gets better.

MaidofMuswell Thu 07-May-20 15:16:17

Yes I’ve wondered the same - did manage to speak to GP who seemed unconcerned and it stopped for ages but started again today - no smearing just realising he needs to go too think he’s probably quite unsettled and trying to reassure and comfort him - just really hope we get back to some kind of normal routine soon.

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nappyfree Thu 07-May-20 16:45:05

Mmmm... I wonder it it could be constipation too...? Poos are different to pees in that you do have a bit of time to notice it's coming, so it's unusual for them to suddenly lose this awareness.
Especially at an older age. If it is happening more than once a day I would have a look at constipation, because often poo leaks or constant pooing are a sign of it.
You could also try doing a bit of basic potty training - just have him naked for a day and remind him where poo goes? Just an idea.

MaidofMuswell Thu 07-May-20 19:49:56

Both good suggestions thank you!

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