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Keeping them on the potty!

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itsemily17 Thu 23-Apr-20 13:18:05


I’m following Gina Ford’s ‘Potty training in 7 days’ (quite misleading title, the first two stages are actually quite a bit longer but anyway...)

The first stage is to get darling daughter to sit on her potty for five minute spells - does anyone have any advice for achieving this? She’s almost 2 and showing every other sign of readiness. I just find she gets distracted, what can I do to help keep her there?


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Judashascomeintosomemoney Thu 23-Apr-20 13:21:31

I used to sit mine on the potty after breakfast, lunch and dinner (using one of the chair type potties) and give them a Cbeebies, or similar, magazine. Worked well. Good luck!

itsemily17 Thu 23-Apr-20 16:30:11

@Judashascomeintosomemoney is this how you started? The book says to start with practice in clothes and make sure she can focus for 5 mins. But I may just skip this. How did you get on with the method you mentioned and how soon did you move on to full on all-day potty training after this? Thanks

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nappyfree Wed 06-May-20 13:38:43

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